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What a FINE!! day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GOOSH, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. hey guys , decided to go for a ride today and went down to sandown to say hi to a mate who entered his car in the comp. anyways, as i was leaving a cop goes past me, does a u-turn and pulls me up. anyway, i knew i was in trouble as i only have my p's and am riding a 750. so he gives me the lecture, ( u know you shouldn't be riding this big of a bike, blah blah.) He writes out my ticket and hands it over. i have a look and its a $524 fine for riding unlicenced. just a query, is it meant to be a unlicenced fine or am i supposed to get fined for not displaying a P and riding a bigger bike. (i have a bike licence just that it says that i can only ride 250cc) cause if the that is the case and the fine is cheaper, i want that one. Thanks

  2. u are LICENSED to ride a 250.

    you are NOT licensed to ride a 750.

    there for you are UNLICENSED

  3. Goosh

    Yer f*cked.

    You took the risk and you blew it.

    Pay the fine, take it like a biatch and congratulations on becoming the next cautionary tale for all the fired up noobs who ask what happens when you get caught riding a bike their restrictions clearly disallow.
  4. It is to a differing degree I know, but it is like driving a truck when you only have a car licence. According to the law laid down, you have not demonstrated the required skills or have the required experience to drive a larger vehicle. Sucks but no point in "fighting the white".

    Did you lose any points for it?
  5. nah no points, just the fine. plus i would of thought the cop would of got me for not displaying a "P"
  6. ahh well if you left your plates off he might not have know and he might have thought u were on blacks.. on the other hand that could have been a really stupid idea and you could have got done for no plates and unlicensed.. haha.. i have riden a few times without l - plates, mainly cause they fly off.. but all they really do is make other drivers more aggressive which puts learners under pressure.. my 2 cents
  7. Unlucky mate, but those are the risks we take.

    Im in the same position as you, been pulled over a few times with no dramas as yet but fingers crossed :wink:
  8. What Loz said, my friend

    Any other smart-alecks who think they can beat the system, read and learn. It's a huge lark until it costs you a week's pay and a record to boot.....
  9. Mate I did the same thing about 6 years ago got caught on a 600 when I was on 250s maybe the laws have changed but the fine was $105 and the charge was breaching a licence condition/restriction something like that not unlicenced driving. So I would check into it if I was you maybe its the cops discretion

    Good Luck! :eek:
  10. guys the problem that i have with the fine is, say if i was driving a ferrari(not likely to happen) on my 'P's, i will be booked for driving a high powered vehicle. doesnt that mean on my bike i should be fined for riding a high powered vehicle.
  11. Just ring up the cop shop and ask em to clarify it. Theyre usually always really helpful with stuff like that provided your polite.
  12. You are only permitted to ride a 250 while on your P Plates. You are only 'licenced' to ride a 250 while on your P Plates. You were riding unlicensed for the bike you were on. Hypotheticals about what might have happened are just that. I know you'd like a way of mitigating the circumstance, and the fine, and the possible damage you've done to your future prospects, but really, mate, you should have thought of that before....
  13. Thats all fair and good but i think ive heard others say on this site in the recent past that theyve recieved much smaller fines for the same offence.

    Maybe the rules changed or the others got off lightly but its certainly worth a look. Not like the police havent made mistakes before.
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Suck it up sailor! Each day you go to work this week, just remember that you are going for nothing, yep, the boss aint payin' you this week, He's giving it straight to Mr.Bracks, and he thanks you from the bottom of his heart :LOL:

    You roll the dice, you pay the price!
  15. My guess would be that there are a half a dozen different laws that he could have booked you for breaching, each with differing fines & consequences, he just picked that one. IMHO if you got to keep your licence you should consider yourself lucky.
  16. Maybe it was the cops discretion to fine you $524 for "no licence" but I'd be calling the cop station/civic compliance and double checking that.

    My work friend got caught doing the same thing but he told me he only got a ~$125 fine, I'll double check this with my friend tomorrow for you.
  17. and who says coppers arent smart?
  18. I wouldn't be complaining he couldve got you for no p plate as well as anything else and that could have ended up with a loss of lisence (P platers only have 4 points right?)

    I'd rather pay $500 than lose heaps of points or my lisence
  19. You're on a bigger bike for a reason...why did you stop :rofl:
  20. 1 penalty unit = $105 aprox

    Because you are technically unlicensed, they cannot take points as there are technically no points to take. But they can sting you like a wounded bull.

    If you can find me out the road law to which you mate got fined $125~ then I will look it up and also speak to my contact who is a TMU and find out the ins and outs of that law.