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what a fantastic morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by simon varley, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. around Geelong. God I love it here.

    the sun is out, the roads are clean and dry and for the first time this spring I could really smell the eucalyptus as I rode in. The lights were nearly al lin my favour. The ride felt smooth and I don't think I made any (big) mistages. Even the cagers were playing nicely - they were leaving plenty of space and someone even pulled back to let me filter in ffs
  2. Tell me about it mate. I'm in Anglesea and its fan-bloody-tastic! Just gearing up now for my final ride on my baby...

    Whats that i said? You'll have to wait and see which bike i bring home.... its a big bigger though let me tell you :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) (I CAN'T WAIT!!!! AAAGH!!!)
  3. Ahh the Joys of motorcycling in good weather, almost better than sex :p
  4. Yup this this morning was beautiful,
    Rode to work with Melbgirl, very little traffic, sunshine, just gorgeous all round.

    Riding on days like today make all the shit you put up with commuting in winter worth while :)

  5. Certainly is a beautiful morning.

    Donned the warmer weather jacket with layers underneath as it was still chilly at 6:30am for the ride bayside to Tulla.

    Should be a fantastic ride home this arvo with 24 forecast!

    Bring on summer! :grin:
  6. I am looking out the window at perfect Melbourne weather as I suffer pneumonia :(
  7. ah yes the prelude to school holidays.. the traffic drops and the birds sing.
  8. When you get to week 8 i'll feel sorry for you! That's how long I spent in bed/hospital from pmeumonia.

    The upside for my Benelli CR was that it now has about 8 layers of protecting wax on it from all the polishing I gave it in the garage when I was house ridden!

    Seriously - rest up and get better and make sure you're 100% before goign back to work!
  9. Just got back from arthurs seat, im at my oldies place on the peninsula for a day, was a fantastic morning up there, did 8 laps of the place, no cars, no cops and just beautiful fresh coastal air. Will head back there in the arvo before heading back to melb :grin:
  10. mmmmmm

    /me prays to the gods of traction
  11. got the day off and the spurs beckon
  12. Hmmm, no boss today. I may just have to leave work early and make the most of this fine weather.
  13. I'll wave if I see ya. :)
  14. so bloody good having a day or 2 off work :wink: im gonna head back to st kilda in the arvo and have a few drinks in the arvo sun :beer:
  15. right o right o.. im stuck at work so can you all leave me alone now..
  16. It's a glorius day. I woke up to an early sunrise and rode in to the Vic Market to do a little shopping. Magnificent! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  17. Yep drove from Melb to Geelong for work this morning. Beautiful day! 24 will be great, if my last client doesn't turn up, I'll be home in time to go for a sweet arvo ride :grin:
  18. right.. im chucking an arvo sicky and going up the old road
  19. w00t - first time out in 2 months... Now I remember again why I ride :grin:
  20. was just thinking of doing that right now :)