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What a disappointment!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by art, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Ok, here is the story.

    Got my car license over 7 years ago overseas (Europe). 3 yrs ago arrived to Australia; my overseas driving experience was recognised so I've got full AU car license stright away without going through P and P. No questions from insurance companies, etc - 7 years driving experience, no problem.

    Start riding about 7 months ago, got L, then passed pre-provisional course/test (with 0 points by the way). As I've got gold full car license AND over 30 I was sure I'm eligible for the full bike license (and already started thinking about GSX750F... or VFR800... or ... )

    Imagine my disappointment when instead of full bike license RTA issued me P! I complained, reasoning that gold car license + over 30 = unrestricted. They spent over 40 minutes calling somebody and finaly informed me that overseas experience does not count in this case - you have to have 5 years of local experience to qualify.

    Do not see much logic here - why overseas experience is good enough for car but is useless for the bike? :cry:

    Well, law is law. This red letter does not bother me too much, just will have to keep my Bandit another 11 months or so ... or GS500? :roll: or GT650? :?
  2. Hi Art! Does your state have a rule that says you'll get an automatic bike license straight from your Ls based on how many years you've driven a car?? Doesn't seem to make sense?

    Sounds like your stuffed! Not like rego offices to change their minds!!
  3. Can't help you with this particular predicament Art, but I thought I'd ask how the little Bandit is going?? Still having fun??
  4. Hi Pete! Thanks, this little bugger doing well, never had any problem with it despite the fact that guys from Sydney City Motorcycles in Lane Cove 6 month ago were trying to convince me that it has got bent frame, bad steering head bearings and engine will die within 500km (done 6000km since then - no problem) - I'm not an expert but got feeling that they just wanted to rip me off on repairs.

    Yeah, bandit is OK, love it... just starting feeling that if it would be a little bit... faster... a bit more powerful... just a little bit :) ...or if I could upgrade it to, say, SV650 :wink: ...and then RTA said "No upgrades till February 2008, mate" :cry: