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What a difference a week makes!!! [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Gilesy, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. This is a warning/vent!!!

    Last weekend Arc and I, decided to do a re-run of the Icicle ride. We were in Heathcote and as we pulled up into a Service station to re-fuel, two marked boys in blue on bikes coming down the other decided to pull in also. After a quick license check, and a look over the bikes, both were happy. One Officer went off and chatted while the other spent time talking with Arc and myself about every from our bikes, Arc's tyre, riding styles, their bikes etc. We were standing at the rear of Arc's and my bike and nothing was said in regards to the set of especially my bike... All good and the fun continued.

    Fast forward a week til Saturday (dont like the pies and think the saints are a pack of fairies... Anyway!!!) Knew Arc and a few others were riding the Spurs, so headed out that way behind them, in hope of catching up. Enjoying the newly serviced bike and set up, up through Reefton, being a good boy and then hit Marysville - Woods Point rd junction and there was 4 boys in blue standing on the road, so i pull in, 1 green marked s/wagon, 1 marked bike, 1 unmarked bike, two guys out of the car, talk with me first, how they are out here for the safety of riders, etc etc a breatho and all clear, then over to the bike boys would had been wandering around the bike. They went over everything, checked the tyres and said, "Gee you right to edges on the back,", my answer, 'Well thats what their for!!!" Mentioned i spend some time on the track and just up in the mountians for a relax from the week. They continued over the bike, neither cracking a smile or up for any small chat, then got me to sit on the bike, on a slope and were looking at the rear, then started on about my rear was not legal.... blah blah blah

    So what come out of it was, them issuing me with a Defect Notice for my Fender Eliminator, which is not at 45 degrees from the rear axle, on my near perfect bike, which apparently saved me the $300 fine to go with the Defect notice. I asked them why i wasnt pulled up on this last week, after the boy in blue at Heathcote had a look at my bike and the answer was "he's not here".... So im guessing it a Reefton thing, if they cant do you for speeding they will do you for whatever else they can to warrant 4 of them being out there.

    I checked out the Defect notice, the part of vehicle in need of Attention - Mud Flap/Number plate/ Lamp Assembly and the Attention Reguired - to comply with Australian Design rules/standers for registration. Anyway more than pissed off now about what bullsh*t im hearing. I gear up and head off. Get to Marysville, catch up with Arc, Brian, Heather and Andy, tell them my fun i just had and they were in shock.

    So basically this a warning to every rider who's bike is modified and rides the Spurs... Look out, you will get done. They mentioned thay will be there every weekend from now on. Im p*ssed at this, as if safety is what they are looking at improving, i doubt giving me a defect notice for me Fender Eliminator will improve that!!!

    Have fun up there, as you now have 1 less bike that will not be riding up there!!!
  2. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    ??? what's the unmarked bike?

    i expect to see the fair weather cops on bikes around as from next week, to and from work.
  3. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    Unmarked bike = no poo poo markings = Unmarked bike
  4. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    You have been constantly reminded of the illegal nature tampering with the rear mudguard.....
  5. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    I think he meant "What type of bike?" , You known BMW, Honda etc... Then what model perhaps. That's the way I read the question.
  6. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    I have it on authority from a reliable mate that down on the Gold Coast (up in the twisties of the hinterland especially) there are unmarked bikes often and they are given to egging on recreational riders for a result. For example a bunch of riders are stuck behind a slow moving car on double white lines, the cop gives their bike a squirt and overtakes, the rest follow...........booked.
  7. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    Yeah i got that after i read it.... Dark Blue BMW and going by some videos watch out if you see it on the twisties, cause it may just be cutting some corners!!!
  8. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    beware the dark blue beemer then.
    he is not friendly, he just wants your money.
  9. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    Very very true, MONKEYMAN
  10. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!


    So this is a perfect time to get a helmet cam so when they do egg you on you have it recorded and can release it to the media and everyone else
  11. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    An illegal action on part of the police bike to start with
  12. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    Where is this ride exactly? How did you get there from Heathcote?
  13. victoria dude.
  14. Wow, what a bunch of dickheads :|

    "We're here for the safety of riders.... Oh hey, here have a defect notice!"
  15. I think their message is pretty clear, they don't want motorcycles up there any more period. Not fair or right obviously, but I think the best would be for everyone to just avoid the area completely. They've dropped the limits to a snails pace so there's no point riding up there unless you enjoy being bored to death. Give them a few weeks/months with nothing to do up there than play with each other and they'll leave.

    I think they just got frustrated you didn't do anything wrong and decided to defect your bike. It's bullshit and so is the 45 degree law.

    Oh and hornet, I know atheists with more sympathy and compassion that you have
  16. Oh KA-BOOM, Hornet.
  17. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    Actually, it's not.
    We don't have anything like "entrapment" in this country.
    If you are "game" enough to follow and get booked, it's on your own head.

    Hornet, as has been discussed "ad naseum" on this site;
    (i) Not ALL eliminators are "illegal"
    (ii) There seems to be some debate / uncertainty about what is / isn't illegal.
  18. Re: What a difference a week makes!!!

    Re 'entrapment': yes, if you follow it is on your own head, but is it not 'illegal' for police to speed without a justifiable operational reason?
    (I know, who's gonna book 'em... and it seems to be a Qld tactic anyway)

    I have no doubt that the harassment type of operation is all about forcing riders out of the Yarra Ranges Shire altogether. I recall a post about a local top cop telling a rider that this was his objective, some months ago.
  19. it goes further than that. if you read about the new licensing proposals and believe the conspiracy theories they want motorcycles off ALL roads ](*,)
  20. Calling MRA / Whowever....

    Time to start yelling.....