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What a difference 250cc makes...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by guggle, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Yesterday I had to ride a CB250 to work after riding my GS500F since May. What a huge difference...

    First, and most obviously, take off speed. Vastly different, so much so, that yesterday I didn't have the confidence the CB would beat any of the cars off the mark at a red light so I didn't bother trying.

    Secondly, manoeuvering and cornering. The CB felt almost unsafe going around corners - smaller tyres maybe? Also, the handles bars are much closer to you and everything else around seems so much closer, i.e. cars, the ground, etc

    Lastly, the general thrill of riding a more powerful bike - no explanation needed!!! (I can hear all of the 1000cc+ bike owners screaming at me "wait until you get a bigger bike!!")
  2. so thinkin the 500 is up for service?
  3. I too am familiar with this feeling.
  4. I wonder if you'd be saying the same thing if you were on a Spada instead.
  5. much preffered my old honda cbr250r too my old suzuki gs500f....
  6. You have to admit it's pretty funny though. They crack me up.
  7. Get a better 250 then
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  8. That funny manouver feeling is a bike that is not a land barge.
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  9. I don't think that you'll have any trouble beating 95% of cars away from the lights, even in a 250.
    It might be slower than your 500, but it's still plenty better than the four-wheeled world.
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    I still remember the power band in my old yammy rd250lc, now *that* was fun.
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  11. It'll go quite well enough for urban situations as long as you rev it 'til you can hear the valve bounce :twisted:.
  12. Same here Fybre,

    My first road bike,the RD350, was like a farken missile in the "band". :shock:
  13. try an cbr250rr or equivalent, still slow as **** after coming off a 600, but an awesome bike to throw around & it feels like it has mountains of grip

    in saying that probably more dangerous too, your always trying to make up for lacking of power with momentum in the corners, through a round abouts & even trail braking the front end

    amazing learning tools & very forgiving, you will appreciate one like an RR coming of a big bike, if you dont then your most likely just a straight line hero
  14. The one I rode shits all over my SR500 in terms of power and the ability to cruise without hassle at higher speeds.

    Guggle, this is what happens when you ride the slowest 250 around. I'm not sure that there's a slower 250 made in the last 30 years.
  15. Yep, them little 2fiddies like riding a skeeter, though Ive had many fun moments on smaller bikes, heck, my old sr185 was the most funnest bike I had, dont know why.
  16. My '11 ninja 250 goes all right, give it a good twist and It'' out accelerate most cars on the road, save for true performance cars. I know this will sound very bogan and immature but "I can beat my mate's V8 falcon with my 250", Until we both reach the 120 mark at least.
  17. Ahh, happy days on the 185.


    The day I picked it up. It was so smooth and powerful. I didn't know how to ride a manual, so I pushed it from the CBD into Carlton back street and learnt, stalling regularly for the first hour. There I am wearing my thick cotton pants, which I purchased as a measure of safety. My then friend, now wife, commented to her housemate as I tore away that i now rode a manly bike.
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  18. \\:D/
  19. whilst not learner legal the kawasaki kr1s is a road legal 250 with a top speed of ~220kmh (off the showroom floor i assume)
  20. You're right, the CB isn't the most confidence inspiring 250 at higher speeds, and it's rather agricultural by modern standards, but it is comfortable for learners to ride on. I don't think you'd have the same feeling on Honda's newer 250s the vtr or the cbr. After owning 600s and 1000s, the vtr250 still puts a smile on my face each time I ride it \:D/