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What a day...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by booga, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. [vent]

    Let me just start with... what a day...

    Was sick last night :(
    Threw up, spent most of today in bed, then went test riding :LOL:
    Was fun :grin:

    So I test rode an Aprilia RSV1000R, nice, sexy, but expensive... and a Suzuki GSXR600, very smooth and easy to ride...

    Had fun there, and tried to convince dad to lend me money to buy the RSVR :grin:

    Then I got home, and was supposed to pickup a TV cabinet before I was supposed to goto the movies, so I went to this place, only to find out that the TV cabinet was at the persons other place, and they'd forgotten who I was to pickup which piece :roll: :evil: ... So I race home, and half way home get a call from my housemate, she says "How far are you from home... cos I needed to shift your bike, and its now in the garden" :shock: :shock: :shock: WTF?!!?

    So I get home, pickup my bike, let it rest for a bit, while calling and saying I wont be making the movie, and say we'll re-schedule... go out and start the bike, it starts eventually, with a strange noise, so I rev it, and the noise returns to normal (must have been stuff in it from the fall), so put the bike away.

    Go inside and call another friend, who says, I'm stuck at work, wanna give me a lift home, so no worries, I go take him home, as I leave his place these young hooligans race past calling him "fatty", so I give chase and they stop in a court and come up to my van, one kid is all with the spitting, and the main guy is all attitude in-your-face style and he's like 'step outta the van, lets go'... Guy pulls into the court behind me, so i have to move, meanwhile deciding these shits aren't worth it, cruise past taking thier number plate and sit at the end of the court to see if they actually live there or not, but they turn around too and I just take off, and I wasnt followed home, which is always good...

    I'm exhausted...

  2. what a day mate... how did the baby balde end up in the garden? :shock:
  3. She dropped it :shock: ... was backwards on a downhill and didn't know how to hold it i guess... and over it went... :evil: ... Never let women touch you equipment... err... I mean..... :p ;)
  4. Bugger Dave, at least the bike is ok......
    but you did miss the movies which i know you were looking forward too :p
  5. :p :p :p :p

    Yes, I missed out on the movie, but not too worry, got there eventually :p .... :roll: ....

    But it would have fit best on Monday anyhow :roll: :(