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What a day to ride in !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chickibabe, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Hi there everyone, so who was silly enough to ride in sydney today? I was one.
    A girlfriend and I left home about 9 this morning we thought yep it was going to be a nice day. So we headed out along m4 then onto Mulgoa road, I think we headed out to silverdale? not quite sure as I have never been out there before. and stop a little tea place.

    Well to start with I think I handle the m4 ok with only being able to sit on 80kms, just kept thinking, keep your wits about ya lou, then got off at mulgo road, keep going to a tea place, very nice to sit a relax. well from there we headed back towards penrith and decided to go up to the look out, but just before I was to my girlfriend we would go out that way but if it is gravel, I'm not that fussed to ride up it. Well what was it, gravel, :roll: so I potted along, freaking out more and more as we went along, screaming at my girlfriend in my helmet, (if only I had a speaker :LOL: ) Anyway left there and as soon as we got back out on the tar, the wind OMG, I sh#t myself, the wind got worst as we head back into penrith. But we did make it back home ok. But I don't think I've ever had a workout like that before and my body is aching so much now. :( .

    So today I learnt how to:

    keep your bike upright in high winds,
    ride on gravel/sand/sticks you name it
    dodge things flying through the air

    And not to drop my new bike.
    But I loved every moment of it. :grin:

    So what a day, so what did everyone else get up today?.

    Cheers Lou
  2. Stayed inside from the similar weather we had her and finished the new shed to put bike and bike stuff in. Wind's fun eh!
  3. I rode from Kings Langley to Engadine and back - I went to the classic bike show. whoo boy it was blowie. I did it in an open face helmet too!! I've still got grit in my eyes. I have learnt to keep a stock of eye drops in the fridge at all times.

    I think I got hit in the face by every leaf, twig, and grain of dirt/sand in Sydney. I rode over the Menai bridge also, that was fun.

    a day out riding beats any day, well maybe except for a day catching fish.
  4. I rode to Yarra Glen today on the way there not too bad just some spray kicked up when overtaking on wet roads. Coming home ohh fark! Gale force winds, driving rain then hail, lightning strikes made sky look very pretty though!, frozen fingers (note to self book bike in for heated hand grips ASAP) To do list for Monday am buy new battery for the cage! just to add insult to injury I missed the motogp from Japan!
  5. i rode from portarlington to port melbourne this morning. was soaking wet when i got to work. lucky i had spare clothes in my back pack. soon i gotta ride home again, i think its dry outside, i hope it is any way.
  6. Yep, I also rode today & got caught in Melb's wild squall weather.

    Tackled the gale force wind that couldnt make up its mind which direction or how fast & strong it was belting me and the bike. Knee gripping certainly practised alot today as was lane positioning :shock:

    Add to that the excitement of trying to cross overpasses with oncoming traffic etc :eek:hno: Then of course, cue the rain that one minute drizzles to then buckets, & naturally causes the visor to fog instantly. Oh what fun :LOL:

    When returning home I was cold but not wet as I wore my wet weather gear but not the linings, and was totally exhausted. Nanna nap definately earnt :grin: cause I was stuffed !!

    Chalked it up to yet another experience.
  7. Yep, I was in Melbourne with the rain, wind, hail then lightning. What a great day for the HART Awareness day! I managed to hide from the hail, but the crap/oil coming up from the spray of the cars made visibility terrible. I'd wipe my visa and it just smeared. EWwww! Thankfully I'd taken my fatsuit (wet weather thingy) so I was dry.

    I actually found the wind more difficult on Friday as I struggled over the Bolte Bridge. I was exhausted after that!

    Well done on making it through your day, Chickbabe. They're scary lessons to learn :eek:
  8. Did my learners course today in it with the wind and rain! I can sympathise now with being mentally buggered from concentrating on vision and holding position etc. Worst was i got home with no keys, frozen hands, soaking wet shoes and frozen feet.... and the mrs was still 80mins away so had to sit in the cold!
  9. Oh your poor bugger, DRMAT (door mat or Dr Matt? :)) Congrats on passing despite horrible conditions.
  10. Dr Mat :grin: Door mat to my wife :grin: Nah just kidding.... :grin:
  11. ooops - dirty double post
  12. I have noticed that most of the contributions to this thread are from Melbournians :eek: yet chickababe refers to riding in Sydney. I don't think there's anything remarkable about riding in crap weather in Melbourne - you guys should be used to it :p . we Sydneysiders are used to a better standard of weather so it comes as a shock to us to put up with substandard conditions :shock: .
  13. Did the second day of my learner rider course in that wind lets just say it wasnt cool.... :?
  14. It was particularly crap even by Melbourne standards!
  15. Well at least we are responding !
  16. Sorry chickababe i was not as hardcore, still the weather is right for the pickin a the moment. I say bring on summer.
  17. yes you are