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What a day.... lessons for learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fitryder, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. First client was at 5:30am so got up at 4:30, had food and set off and decided to go and check my pressures (station is 2min ride)

    Pumped up and then rummaged through my gear to check if i had the key to the studio (cause i thought i was opening), nope... so had to ride back, wake up dad to open door (as my house key is attached to the same set) and go and find the key in the house.

    Couldn't find it, so i checked my gear again, checked the only place i didnt before, my pants pockets and there it was! Argh!

    Lesson: always double check ALL gear!

    So ya, got to the gym and there was a whole bunch of non bike stuff ups there so i wont go into that.

    So i had a few hours gap between clients and decided to go get lunch at home. On the way i noticed i was running low on gas so i pulled in.

    This is where the poop hit the fan.

    I only have one key and i was gonna get it cut on Wed cause it was in a bad way and the tank is hard to open. Anyway... put the key in, twist and snap.....OMG!!! ARGH!!!

    Lesson: as soon as you know you only have one key, the same day you know you got just one, get it cut!

    2hours later my mate rocks up with a trailer but only rope... man what a ride home.... i think i suffered 4 separate mini heart attacks

    Lesson: make sure you call a mate with straps!!!!

    Another 20min later fiddling with the lock and i got the second half of the key out, oh and by this time i had to already transfer most of my clients cause i was late.

    Called up another mate and he suggested this key cutting place so i left in a hurry (no dont get clear directions or anything) because i was later and later for work.

    Lesson: be totally clear where you are going before you go. 1min at home can save you 15min on the road

    Got there, had the key cut with the guy saying "its the best i could do..." and went to work. For those 3 hours, couldnt think of anything but the dam key...

    Got home, ran down stairs, put the key in and she started, thank god!

    I'm so glad its over and my cibby will take me to work tomorrow, until i drove today i never knew how much i missed ridding!

    Thanks all for reading, it was a rant but hopefully some lessons learnt.

  2. Re: What a day.... lesson for learners

    First lesson should be dont get up at 4 bl@@dy 30!

    Well done mate.
  3. used to be 3:30 before the bike, first train available... they were the dark days...
  4. Did you really learn your lesson and get two keys cut or just the one? :LOL:

  5. hehe
    i always get another key cut as soon as is buy a new vehicle - should be compulsory for rego!
  6. So...am i suppose to carry 2 keys on me? :D if so i should have 3 keys one at home...make it 2 at home 2 on me hahaha
  7. I had to just get one cut at the time cause i didnt know if it would work so there is no point for two but now that it does, im on my way just before work to cut 3 more lol.

    Ill prob just keep both at home, maybe for a long ride ill take one and put it in wallet or something.

    Either way, you can never have enough!
  8. 1 at home, 1 on keychain, 1 in your wallet. You will NEVER be without a key somewhere :p