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What a crock!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Flipper, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. they should do the same here in Victoria
  2. Its actually Australia wide. More revenue if you ask me :evil: :x
  3. I always leave my windows down. It's just a matter of how far down. While I'm at work & not going 2 far away on a hot day the windows r all the way down. :D If I go into a shop or something like that then I leave them down an inch or 2. But then that's why I had an alarm put on the car. Push a button & the doors r locked & the alarm is on. Not 2 mention the automatic engine immobalizer.
    That should slow any crook down.
  4. pfft why dont they make it compulsary to have an immobiliser/alarm instead
  5. Shit, I dont have a handbrake, id better get that sorted, and christ, how am I going to wind my windows up? Like these laws will ever be stringently policed, oh and who gives a fook, dont we ride motorbikes?
  6. Not to sure about the guy in the article quoted as saying "If you have a $20 car it's up to you if you lock it up, If you have a Mercedes you will lock it up". It's the cheap crappy cars that are usually the most commonly stolen since they are the easier targets, I mean how many people would know how to hotwire a brand new Merc aside from professionals? Also I wonder if it's illegal to leave the roof down/off on a convertible? Certainly agree with booking people for not using their handbrake though, last thing we need is driverless cars rolling into traffic because somthing in the transmission/clutch decided to give.
  7. And then we must remember the pooches that are left in cars. If we leave all the windows up tight, they will no doubt suffer and then we have the RSPCA on our arses!!!
  8. thats unbelievable, great democracy we live in next these idiots will be telling us how to run our lives
  9. I'd be taking it all with a grain of salt. Bullsh!t shows like Today Tonight are usually 5% fact and 95% chasing ratings.
  10. Hey what are we going to do, we don't have windows!
    Are we going to have to put bike locks on? I know, I'll get a rubber dog to guard it while I am 3mts or more away....wait I am scared of dogs.....maybe a rubber ducky instead....
  11. pricks,its all bout the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. I agree but along with the publicity comes a new batch of "try hard" coppers wanting to get notches on their posts and booking people for the slightest thing. :roll:
  13. Yeah and make sure you take all children off the pillion seat.....Don't just leave their visor up a little bit and think that they will be ok :LOL: :p :LOL:

  14. democracy??? what a joke. How can you call it a democracy when we have no say in anything.... How many australian voters wanted to go to war in iraq? How many Aussies wanted to litter our roads with "revenue" cameras? Why is it that we get hundreds of women to choose "Miss universe" and only two pollies to choose to run OUR country??
    democracy.... what a joke.
  15. i agree, gimme anarchy anyday :LOL:
  16. No such thing as democracy in a country that doesn't give you the democratic right to choose whether you vote or not.
  17. You got that right, very low on the integrity scale, very high on the emotive sensationalism.

    That's why I gave up watching TV a looooooong time ago.

  18. You've got that right. I don't think any of those shows are worth the air time their given. Just scare mongerers. It's about putting fear into the man on the street so that they go out and buy a product to prevent this or that happening, only to find that the show was sponsered by the manufactuer/marketer of that product.
  19. Guess what, we (ozzie voters) just made it a lot worse, by giving one party control of both houses of federal parliament.

    You get the govt you deserve, well..... we're screwed now one party will have control from July on.

    For all those who just put a "1" on the top line of the senate ballot paper.... make a note. Next time take a bit of effort and find out where the preferences go..... better still work out YOUR preferences and number the lot. it reallyonly takes a a couple of hours to work it out, better than the 4 years were gunna get.