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What a champion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. At my last service my mechanic, (now my ex-mechanic), adjusted the chain, TICK, but didn't tighten up the axle adjuster, CROSS, with the consequence that it came undone and fell off!

    I put out a whinge about the situation in general on the local riders' forum here in Wollongong.

    One of the members PMd me, "I've got a crashed 250 Hornet in the shed, I'm sure it has the same part, come and get it if you want."

    What a champion, eh???
  2. thats awesome innit?! its what a riding community is all about.

    similar story. a member on here (lefty) who knows im not capable of doing much ATM came round and helped me wash my bike. no charge. no nothing, just cause he could. thats champion too.

    paul, im glad he is now an ex mechanic.. next time you could be an ex rider due to a mistake like that.
  3. .. as the woman said to Charlie Sheen at the end of Hot Shots II; "Don't get me started...." :LOL:.
  4. Workshop should fix it + replace any parts damaged shouldn't they?
  5. Should, but I don't like my chances of getting anything out of them, they'll just say it wasn't their fault it fell off. I certainly didn't check their workmanship after the service, but I've been getting the bike serviced there for two years and never had a problem.

    That said their cheif mechanic left a few months ago, and lives around the corner from me, and is happy to service the bike in his own time in his own garage; him I DO trust.....
  6. You should still let them know that it happened. He should be their ex mechanic, not just yours!
  7. glad you're ok paul, sheesh what a wanker mechanic!!!

    and good to hear another Horneteer helped you out.
  8. Paul, just hand your bike over to edgie, for the next service. She is a top tuner, so I am told.