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What a Buzz,

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by deadman, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Sitting in Lilydale at the lights today on the way home, I got a Buzz that I had forgotten about, A Buzz I used to get every time I rode in a big group,

    Around the corner came about 50 odd Immortals in full patches on their Harleys. In a very tite group,

    It sounded absolutely magic as they went past, . So I caught up and plonked myself in the middle of them,

    ARRHHH Yes, It brought back very good memories, My heart was thumping, I was Buzzing, It felt good to be alive,
    Its been many years since I rode in a mob like that, Bikes going every which way in a very tite group,

    I even got a wave of thanks and a Nod, a bit further down the road as I waved them down and pointed out a greed camera I knew was there,
    I would have liked to have kept riding a bit further with them, But my roundabout came up and I peeled off and went home,

    I am still Buzzing, I feel real good, ALIVE, And unless you have ridden in these type of Mobs,
    You will not understand it, and I cant explain it,
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  2. Good to see you enjoying life Deadman. :) More power to you.
  3. I wouldn't be dead for quids, Chris,

    Only old people get old,
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  4. I think they call it pack mentality ;)

    Certainly sounds like a buzz tho.
  5. I envy you deadman. That's one thing I would really enjoy. I don't enjoy rides in large groups for various reasons, but I've spent enough time in club houses to know I would enjoy riding with these blokes. Not my style of riding, but I could only imagine it would feel as though we were parting the red sea. :)
  6. Was a green Kawasaki mixed in there by any chance?
  7. Riding in a tight group that obviously ride together a lot is simply magic.

    Riding in a group that obviously don't ride together often is simply hell.
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    Kishy wasnt amongst them, hahahaha.

    And all the complaints, that he passed me on the inside, outside, on a bend, Too close, 6 abreast, 8 bikes in the same space as a car, Hahahahahaaha.

    It would have got them talking afterwards, Who the hell was that bloke, Hahahaha

    A Blackbird with 12 inch risers, open face helmet, flowing mustache, and he can ride, He just dropped into the middle of the mob and rode like one of them,
    And he knew where the Greed camera was and waved them down for it,
  9. Don't forget the Jumper (not leathers) and the knee blanket in winter.

    Man it was nice watching you glide through EJ the other day ...

  10. Are you still known throughout the omc fraternity deadman?
  11. If he told ya, he'd have to kill ya!
  12. You wern't doing too bad your self, Hahahahaha

    It is really one nice piece of road, It was worth riding the 13 kays of gravel before they made it for the good bits on each end,

    Its not all that much fun when its pissing down and night time, Hahahahaha
    But its better than slabbing it down the Melba,
  13. We ride in a big group when we can (Adelaide cruiser club). Its not for everybody but it can be rewarding when we go for big rides. they introduce us to new ways of going to various destinations, and they organise bbq at the end of it etc.

    it can be a real buzz being part of 50 odd bike convoy as deadman experienced himself.