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What a baragain - Limited Availability

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Takamii, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Okay heres the latest

    Due to contractual problems with the previous stockist in Canberra the helmets are now available direct from me in Canberra

    so due to above mentioned issue and a a requirement to shift some stock ordered but not paid for in respect to before mentioned contractual issue I have some specials for you

    I have 1 helmet in each size that being XS to 2XL in each colour and the lycan graphic available

    first in best dressed - 24 helmets in total available

    each helmet is $450 - with bag, breath guard and chin curtin and clear visor only

    Delivery is $29 registered and insured

    PS no visa facilities etc -paypal only

    tinted visors $65
    iridium Visors $90

    If you for example want a medium in graphite and some one buys the only one available before you decide to buy it - sorry you snooze you loose

    They are also advertised nationally so keep that in mind if your umming and ahhing

    dont make me any offers or ask for a free tinted visor etc thrown in - because I will ignore you

    BEST MATCH FOR A FIT and SHAPE IS KBC/HJC - so if your interested but not sure on fit/size - go try on a KBC bessa brick first

    Shoei. Shark, Nolan = my helmet 1 size smaller

    Units Available - will be marked sold when they are gone

    Graphite -
    1 Extra small
    1 Small SOLD
    1 Medium SOLD
    1 Large
    1 Extra Large SOLD
    1 2XL SOLD

    Cosmos Blue -
    1 Extra small
    1 Small
    1 MediumSOLD
    1 Large
    1 Extra Large SOLD
    1 2XL

    Cherry Black -
    1 Extra small SOLD
    1 Small SOLD (exported to USA )
    1 MediumSOLD
    1 Large
    1 Extra Large
    1 2XL

    Lycan Fire -
    1 Extra smallSOLD
    1 SmallSOLD
    1 MediumSOLD
    1 LargeSOLD to a 64 year old rider believe it or not
    1 Extra Large SOLD
    1 2XL SOLD




  2. I wish I needed a new helmet. That graphite medium is looking pretty good.
  3. I should add a size chart for people to reference

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  4. Very tempting! Ill see how I'm at when I get the cash for my old bike, its deffs time for a new helmet!
  5. I'll be talking with our insurance about our helmets tomorrow. See how we go. Fingers crossed n
  6. No worries people - thanks for considering my brand of helmet
  7. Takamii,
    If I didn't have 2 lids already, I'd be snapping up a Graphite Carbon quick smart !
    Much appreciated again mate for keeping us in the 'loop' of your bargain-priced quality products.
  8. What standards do these helmets meet.

  9. AS/NZ 1698-2006 as well as DOT and ECE 22.05

    yes they are fully legal for Australia -

    it is against the law to sell a product in Australia that has a mandated safety standard if that product does not meet the safety standard
  10. Cheers Nick
  11. Very, very tempted.... are different siezed cheekpads available (at additional cost of course) should they be required to get the best fit?
  12. yes there are cheek pad sets available for $55 a set
  13. I will share this on Facebook, perhaps a mate is looking for a helmet. They're very nice indeedy.
  14. Hi George - thanks for that ( nice new Avatar by the way )
  15. not many left folks
  16. Will you be looking at versions with peaks i.e. dual purpose style?
  17. After playing with one of these on the weekend, even though my current Arai has only been worn for about 2 months, I really want one!
    Super light and look great... (and I want one of those changing tinted visors! *stamps foot*)

    Alas red carbon doesn't match my girl... *le sigh*
  18. takamii is there anyone in sydney who stocks these id like a second lid for the track and would like to try one on not fussed on colour my arai vector is a medium how do your helmets compaare to them???

    edit: just seen size chart il try and track down a cloth tape to measure my noggin tomorow
  19. arai is a one for one fit

    sorry no stockist in sydney at the moment - sort of fell through due to his other comittments

    I dont know how soon you need one but my next order just went into production - I have about 12 helmets left in stock
  20. String and a rule.
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Not open for further replies.