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What 600 to buy for under 10'000??? rephrased!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tobs3, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. looking at getting onto a big bike now and was wondering what to get? i want to spend about 10'000 but have no idea what to get!

    cbr600, zx6r, r6 or gxsr600? out of those 4 i supose it will be around an 04-05? what do you guys think?

    and yes i want a super sport and i do intend on track ridding, no inbetween....

    also what is the fuel consumption like on a 600?

    and do you step to a 600 then a 1000 or is 600 the size to be on?

    cheers toby

  2. welcome to netrider, enjoy the forums.
  3. All of those 600's are relatively good machines. Test ride and see what feels comfortable.

    If you can actually ride a 600 to its limits, I'll be very surprised. As for stepping to a litre bike, well I did it because I'm lazy and all that gear changing gives me a sore foot! :p But as for fun factor, you wont ever need to upgrade in my opinion.

    Fuel consumption will depend on how you ride obviously! But if you're riding a sports bike then fuel consumption is not what you're aiming for is it? :wink:
  4. My answer would be "none of the above" :)

    I'd look at a new SV650S and put some mufflers on it and enjoy the noise...
  5. Any of those three machines of that year range are great machines. The Honda is the best all-rounder, the Yamaha the best steering, and the Kawasaki the best motor in a straight line. Splitting hairs though to really separate them. Ride them all back to back and you'll pick a difference. Just choose one and ride it, and you'll pretty much love it, no matter your choice.

    Fuel-consumption for 600cc sport bikes is typically in the range of 5-7L per 100km, with as little as 4 if riding really conservatively, and as high as 10 if you're at the race-track and within a few seconds of lap-record pace.

    Many people step sideways to a 1000, but not because they're any faster on a public road. In practise, most people will ride slower on the public road if they're on a 1000cc bike. People choose litre bikes more because of the added flexibility that the extra capacity offers in terms of gear selection (i.e. people are just lazy).
  6. Honda Hornet 600 :) I reckon you'll have more fun on it compared to the supersports, and it'll be cheaper as well! Get a good second hand one, and you'll have enough money left over for decent tyres, suspension work and other bling.
  7. Welcome Aboard
  8. you definitely want a supersports?
    then I'd say either the kwaka or the honda.

    if you want a nekkid, get a bike like mine. it's sexah.
  9. serious Q : why are you restricting yourself to a 600?
  10. +1, lol.

    ZX6r for 10k. END!
  11. of the 4 600/4 usually the Suzuki is the most hard core and the Honda is the most all round. but some years it varies and the later the models get the more hard core all those bikes get.

    But test ride some to get an idea which suits you more.

    there is no need to ever go to a 1000, but after riding a 600 for a while you may want to.

    And think seriously about the type of riding you are really going to do. The 600/4s are really only track bikes these days (start flaming). So the SV650 z750, er650, etc may well be better options for you
  12. you could also get a new er6 for around this price
  13. Re: What 600 to buy for under 10'000???

    :? Which one do you want?

    For practicality I reckon a Kawasaki ZZR600 or Triumph Daytona 600.

    For performance any of the usual suspects (CBR/ZXR/R/GSXR) would do, they're all effectively identical in performance.
  14. sounding a bit like tweet there :wink:

    for 10k, and i dont know what the market is liek in WA, but you could easily pick up a CBR600rr 03-05 with reasonable kms.
    sort out what you want but. do you want a tack bike with lights or a street bike?

    1000s are heaps of fun, bollocks to anyone who reckons they are too much of a handfull. i love my thou, and after a few months was very pleased i skipped the whole "im going to buy a 600 becuase everyone thinks i should" crap. still mate, a 600 can be ridden very fast, its up to the rider at the end of the day.
  15. With respect mate you haven't got a 1000 (I assume he was talking about 1000/4s). a vrt1000 is an intermediate bike, not an open class sports bike.
  16. The VTR in terms of power numbers is somewhere around the same ballpark as the supersport 600s, isn't it? Only with *lots* more torque.

    Depends whether the OP knows he really wants a supersport 600 or it's just that those are the most common bikes. If it's the former I'd say the CBR is probably the best all-rounder, and no-one is going to explore the limits of the performance of any of those bikes on the road anyway so best perfomance is kinda moot. If it's the latter, then as has been suggested an SV or similar might be a better choice... or even a new Hornet 900 for around the same price.

    All depends on what you're looking for and what you need.
  17. Mate im in the same situation as you, one month till upgrade time... I moved over to WA for a temporary posting, not sure how long I'll be here for. Kinda making it a hard decision on buying a bike. East coast has heaps more choice, and also is a little cheaper (IMO).

    I've set myself a limit of $10,000 for my next bike. Back when I was riding everyday, and racking up some k's, I was deadset on going straight to a litre bike. Had my eye set on a Honda CBR929RR or 954rr.

    But lately, I rarely ride my bike anymore since work situation has changed. Its turned into a toy I use for stress relief runs to Bindoon and back on a Sunday morning, and the odd run into town. This plus me breaking my ankle and being off my feet for 2 months has kinda affected my bike riding.

    I don't feel as confident on the bike anymore, and for that reason am now looking at 600's. I like the look of the Honda CBR600rr, and from all the reviews, appears to be the best allrounder. I have mates who swear by Suzuki though.

    Have you looked at the GSXR750? I'll be looking into this bike! Could be a good mix of the best of both worlds? Here's to hoping I don't pickup the 600, then get sick of it and want a litre after 3 months!? :)

    Also have been checking out the VTR1000. What are they like? Look like a pretty cool machine...
  18. check out my garage i picked up my bike for 11k of a guy who lost his licence a 2007 zx6r has only 1000kms i think i got a freekin bargain pity im still an L plater and cant legally ride it untill august SHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  19. You can get a steel at the repo auctions like pickles or fowles.

    Most people go there to get cars so the bikes can go cheaply, compared with bike shop & private sales.

    A good place to get late model bikes at older model prices.
  20. guess which one my vote goes to? \:D/