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What 600 Sports bike would you choose ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fabo, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Honda CBRR 600

  2. Suzuki GSX R600

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  3. Kawasaki ZX 6R

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  4. Yamaha YZF R6

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  1. Im in the market for a New 600 Sports Bike and have 4 different bikes in mind...........Ive asked around as many people as I can and had mixed responses about all of the makes....would just like your feedback from people in the know...I understand its my choice in the end but interested in your thoughts.

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    <------------ :grin: nuf said!

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    <------------ :) nuf said! :grin:
  4. If I wasn't taking any pillions... The Triumph Daytona 675.... Before you discount it take one out for a test ride...


  5. which leads to.. Are you looking to buy new or second hand?
  6. A very kind friend let me have a go on his GSXR600 on Sunday. It was my first ever ride on anything bigger than my vtr250. I was really impressed with the comfort of the seat besides being in awe of all them horses. The bars weren't in such an intolerable position for an old fart with a crook back as I thought they might have been. His bike was 5 years old but looked 5 days. but how frustrating to have one ..... I'll be interested to see how this thread turns out.
  7. Sitting on the fence for me - I would gladly take any of them, but I guess what would make me fall off it is a CBRR600 or Trumpy 675
  8. He wants a real 600 not a 675 cheats bike :p :p :LOL:
  9. sorry guys

    talking new...06 model
  10. An '06 Triumph 675.
  11. Yep, me too
  12. There all pretty much the same... pick the cheapest
  13. Gixxer 600 was my third choice...
    behind the daytona 675
    and of course the 750 :D

    It was comfy with a nice punch, and the K6 doesn't look half bad :)
  14. the daytona is good for the price and looks better than the the others imho. very torquey too
  15. The 750 was the same price as the 675 ($16k rideaway), with more torque too :twisted:
  16. your going to need to test them back to back

    only way to find out

    or the cheapest, is the cbr600, but your buying a bike which is technically 3yrs old

    gixer or r6 if your looking for something up to date. or r6, if you want to be ahead of the rest :grin:
  17. R6 as a package. Gixxer looks nice better though.
  18. That is the most evil question I've had to try and answer.

    I haven't answered yet, because I can't decide!!!
  19. My peference in order would be ...

    YZF R6
    CBRR 600
    GSX R600
    ZX 6R

    But the bottom line would be what I am comfortable on. Though I would do my damn best to make sure or find a way that I would be comfortable on 1st choice.
  20. personally i'd gor for a SV250S before those listed, just love the looks, The Daytona is darn fine as well.

    But hell i havent riden my 250 yet so not really based an anything other that looks, and stationary seat sitting :p