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What 50cc should I get and should it be 1st or 2nd hand?

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by rusty77, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. Hi folks,

    I'm over from the UK living in Perth for the next 12 months and I'm gonna be getting a 50cc scooter in the next couple of days (its got to be 50cc because of the licence - although I may upgrade in the future)

    Really just looking for some advice on what scooter to get? I'm looking for a retro styled one - I used to ride an ET4 back home which was really reliable - but the ET2 is out of my price range. Reliability is a massive factor to me as I'm not very handy when it comes to fixing any small problems.

    The 3 main ones I've seen when I've been to various dealers are :-

    VMoto Milan - although reading other posts it looks as though it is more trouble than it is worth?

    Bolwell Retro - can't find any reviews on this one, good or bad?

    Bug Pronto - as above really

    Any other ideas?

    Also, I've just got the Quokka, which has got plenty of 50cc listings - but do you think it is worth me paying that bit extra for a new one (and its not that much, usually only around $500 - $700 more for a new one) I suppose it depends greatly on the the quality of each individual bike out there.

    I'd really appreciate any comments

  2. If you think you can afford new the do it. with 2nd hand there is allways the possibility that it's been flogged. (can you flog a 50cc?). I had an old Honda 50cc scoot years ago which I got for free and got it running again. It was ok but I've heard that the aprillias are the way to go if you have the $$$.
  3. Hi Rusty,

    I've had a Pronto since May :grin: , had no problems with it at all, I've only done about 1600 km on it though.

    They are a bit bigger than a lot of 50's, I find it quite comfy, they have 12" wheels rather than 10's a lot of the cheaper scoots have.

    I've had the exhaust modded (pulse tube removed) & it will quite happily do 65-70 on the flat (i've seem 80+ down decent sized hills), bigger hills knock performance around but no worse than most 50's. My fuel economy's 2.8-3.0L per 100Km :grin: .

    She handles pretty well, the brakes are quite OK (saved me from blind cagers a couple of times) :evil: & the headlight isn't too bad. Good underseat storage, no glove box though.

    Hope that help's, happy hunting!!

  4. Thanks guys,

    I've been out this morning and I decided to get a brand new Bug Pronto.
    I'm a bit of a lanky git and the others were just too small for me, the 2 year warranty will hopefully help me if I encounter any problems.

    Totally hassle free too, got in the shop at 1130, riding home at 1245. I'm thoroughly impressed so far, it hit 70 without too much trouble and even uphill it was better than I thought it would be. The only trouble - if only like all 50cc's it didn't sound like a bleedin hairdryer !!
  5. Thats great :grin:

    The engine will free up over time & it will get even better.

    2 year warranty Grrrr :evil: got mine a couple of months before they extended it. Oh well.

    Have fun!!

  6. You can't not flog them. It's flogged or stopped :p
  7. Rusty,

    My god, thats what i like to see - a nice quick purchase decision. No mucking around just buy it :grin:

    If i had have seen this thread over the weekend i would also have suggested the bug pronto. I'm also a lanky bugger so i know what you mean about size.

    Enjoy mate.

    Where are you living? and are you here on work or pleasure?