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What 250's are Aus Delivered and Imports

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TRD_Supra, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. G'day guys,
    i am buying a bike soon and everyone goes on about wathcng out for imports cause parts are really hard to get... the bike i would like is a ZX2R i am unsure if they are import or Aus Del, i like the fact that the CBR250R is able to use parts of the RR aus Del... does the ZX2R have the same counterpart ?
    if not could someone please surgest some other aus del 250's with import counterparts (such as CBR R and RR

  2. Welcome to the forums, TRD, you'll find a mine of information here.....
  3. You can use Redbook to work out which bikes/models were officially released here - ZX2Rs were sold here officially between 1990 and 95. The compliance plate of the bike will also tell you if it was brought into the country officially or not.
  4. Not so sure about the parts issues either for models that loads of grey imports were done.

    Just before buying one recently i phoned a few bike repairers and asked the question, they all said no worries at all.
  5. five years ago you could NOT get a single part for bikes like the FZR250 2KR (late 80's) now days there are specialised wreckers who import bikes just for wrecking... they DO charge an arm and a leg... and for people like me it is a wonderfull game to fing the parts cheaper or substitutes from other bikes... eather way parts are almost always avalable... you might just have to wate for them a fiew weeks till they pop up on ebay!!
  6. Yeah, there are grey wreckers around.

    I visited one in Heidelberg west to get some grey parts.
  7. looks like i will have to stick close to the forums.... i erally like hte ZX2R Ninja cause it breaks away from the Cibby mould plus they look pretty dam mean!!!
  8. whats the difference between: