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What 250cc have in built storage? if any

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xtr3m3, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Hi been looking all over the place and can't find out what bikes have storage onboard or not i know my mates cbr250rr has tiny pocket in back. Do any have enough storage for a helmet?

  2. Suzuki GSX250F Across.

  3. Cbr250rr's under seat storage is actually one of the best you'll find (apart from the across obviously).

    Just lock the helmet to the bike or carry it with you no biggy.

    Or you could get a scooter.
  4. CBR250RR has two helmet hooks, one on each side of the rear compartment. Using them, you can lock the helmet in.

    If you mean fully encased, suzuki across. Or get a top-box.
  5. Suzuki accross. What looks like the fuel tank on top is actually a boot.

    Most others have sfa. VTR 250 barely has a hole big enough for a pair of latex gloves. Backpack, helmet locks (Read, strong wire with loops on each end, hooked around a post under the seat) and ventura racks ftw.
  6. The honda hornet has a couple of small underseat storage compartments.

    Or, if you like ugly, the yamaha zeal has a little pop-up tray at the front of the tank where you could keep an etoll, some coins, or perhaps your cigarettes (which of course you would smoke while leaning against an ugly bike).
  7. The boot in my FZR250 could take maybe a cap or two 600ml drinks and that was it!
  8. +1 cbr250 :grin:

    I can generally get my gloves, a bottle of water, Shifter, screw driver, Allen keys, my wallet and phone, with room to spare for other small things :)
  9. pretty much the only option in this thread if you want to carry any decent amount of stuff in a day. eg, books change of clothes and lunch and a drink bottle. and room for wet weather gear to spare!

    i carry a ventura bag as well on the bike. so when i get to the destination i take the stuff out of the ventura bag and put the empty ventura bag into the across' locker. tons of room
  10. Don't get a current model RS125. The older shape could fit a fair bit in there, all my bike locks etc (including D-Lock). The new one is lucky to have space for a disc lock :(
  11. +1 to the across

    can even fit a case of beer in there.. u cant fully close the lid.. but good enough if u dont have to ride far.
  12. I gett impression the across is the only one with any storage.
    Is the bike any good?
  13. the bike is ok, equiv to any of the other 250's around, but overall cause of the boot its a fcuking awesome bike.

    every owner misses the boot once its gone
  14. well its one of the "powerful" 250's, which isnt saying much though.

    its a small bike too, not as small as a cbr250 but its still going to be cramped if your around 180cm or heavily built. mechanically theyre great if you find a well looked after example.

    theyre mainly for running around town, commuting long distances gets tiring plus youll be running back to the petrol pump often
  15. sounds like a good option then i olnly about 175cm and only want it to ride 40k round trip to work and back. will keep my eyes open
  16. My VL250 carries a first aid kit, sunglasses, wet weather gear and spare gloves just fine. If I rearrange things, I can fit a rolled newspaper or magazine in there without damage.
  17. Can you add more underseat by strapping containers under seat as long as they clear the rear tire ??? on a vtr 250
  18. No. That might cause a little problem when you go over a bump.
  19. the hyosung model range has a 1 litre built in storge under the pillion seat. it is handy for me to put the tools, a cloth, torch etc, in it. it is not huge amount but worth it for the bike. besides not many bikes do have the storage
  20. Just looking at how the seat clicks in, I cant see why there arent a few little cubbyholes. theres plenty of space under the seat the rear tyres never goign to come close to.