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What 250 should i get?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mickeym, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. Hey guys I'm looking at getting a first bike, I live in QLD and from march next year i can go through q-ride and get my opens.
    However having no bike experence i think i might be better off not doing q-ride and getting a 250cc for 6 months to a year.

    Been looking at a few 250's and like a few people have posted i'm not happy about paying 4-6K for a re-sprayed 15yr old bike.

    Money's not much of a problem, but wat worries me is spending the money then droping it and the resale as i'll only have it for under a year.

    I'm fairly tall about 6" 1' only weight 78kilos though.

    I was looking at the Zeal as its the only bike i can find that i like (still not keen on naked bikes though) which is kinda new. Then i saw on this forum the GT250R.

    I'm just gettin so confused :( New?, Newish? or Old? I'm keen on the GT250R but knowing i'll only have it for 6 or so months is it really worth gettin a new bike?

    Please help me as i'm just gettin bogged down in options.

  2. Quick pointers:

    It's not worth getting a shiny bike as learner, as it'll lose a couple of thousand in value if you drop it. Being a learner you'll probably drop it while stationary or in a low speed off of some kind. There are learners who haven't, but the odds are against you.

    If you're worried about resale, just check that you're buying at market price and the bike already has at least 10-20000 k's on it. If you buy something only a year old and with not many K's, you're sure to make a loss when you sell it.
  3. If you only want it for 6 months, get an oldy. You should be able to get a reasonable bike for 3500-4000 that will see you through that period. For 6 months you'll drop too much value on a new bike. Surely you can compromise for a short period off time on looks and performance and just get something to build your skills and roadcraft on.
    Good luck with the search, plenty of bikes out there. Good move to start on the 250 if you haven't ridden much before.
  4. Personally, i was given (yay!!) a 1985 CBX-250..
    a better learner Bike i could not have hoped for..
    Enough Torque to get me into / out of trouble, as well as great handling and lots of "maintenance" experience...
    (ie, i learned how to adjust a chain, change oil, repair fork seals that kind of thing!)

  5. Well for starters, when you do q-ride, get your open licence any way, this will save you money down the track. Do it through Ride Smart and it is the same price as an RE licence anyway, and takes just as long.

    Just because you have an open licence does not mean you have to ride an open bike. It just saves you money.

    Next, Ride anything and everything you can get you bum on, all styles and shapes etc and find that combination of something that will suit the riding you want to do and the comfort/look/feel that suits you best. Don't cross off any options until you have tried them, just because something doesn’t look like you want it to, doesn’t mean it won’t become the bike you'll love and hold onto for a very long time.

    Then get out there, be safe and have fun.
  6. hey mate im in the same situation as well and also had th same thinking on naked's as well but honestly u should look at spada's and bandits thats what ive been looking at i actually went to a dealer last week to look at a kawa gpx but hav dissed it off as i fell in love with nakeds
    spada all the way i say
  7. Get the Hyosung! :D I am only saying that out of self interest however - it is the bike I am circling around, but am yet to hear of any first hand experience or read a review. I can't test ride one as no one has them in stock (they are only available on order and the one Bike Barn got in got sold a few days later). If could could hand over $6500 and let me know what the bike is like, that would be great :D
  8. Yea i'm leaning towards the Hyo, i like the idea of the warrently as i have lots of luck with engines. poured so much cash into my car!

    I've said that i'ld upgrade in 6 months but i forgot that that would mean forking out more cash, so maybe i'll keep a 250 a lil longer :) esp. if its a nice 250 (ie Hyo!)

    Although i have some money i think i'ld b betta off keeping a 250 untill i really have to upgrade.

    Just wish there was someone with a GT250R that could tell us first hand experence.
  9. Oh btw silverfox i'll be getin it before xmas, so if u haven't gotten one before me then i'll let you know how is.
  10. Excellent - please put your thoughts in the review section when you saddle up. Knowing my lack of patience I will probably be riding before then anyway, but every bit of info helps :)

    On that topic - have you seen that they have updated their "accessories" section? They now sell a tinted screen to replace the ugly bubblewrap one that comes standard.

    What colour are you looking at getting? I must admit, the yellow one holds a lot of appeal for me, which surprised me
  11. Friend of mine still has a Hyo GT250 for sale (think it's a blue one...or was it yellow?) 5500km, 2004 model, looks mint.
    incl. 12 mths rego, $3800
    Peter on 0412 043 134
    (another Pete, not me)

    Oh yes, he's in Melb's Outer East.
  12. From $6000 new to $3800 in only 12months (with only 5500K )? Ouchy. Maybe this hyosung idea isn't so smart after all :(
  13. mmmm naked, i like my fairings :)

    Yea i reckon i would b gettin the tinted one, muffler is only for closed circuit, awwwww wheres the love, lol.

    Mmmmm well my car is red and red does go faster, either the red or the black, but prob as black can't be seen as easy i would most likly go for red :) plus it goes faster!
  14. Yea that is a bit of a worry.... *runs off scared*
  15. I was going to get a brand new GPX as I liked the warranty and they are cheap to buy. I thought if I rode it for a few years I would get great value for money. Then some friends explained a few things to me.
    1) I will probably drop it / scratch it at some stage.
    2) I will most probably get bored with the 250, want to upgrade.
    3) If I do upgrade I will probably loose lots of cash.

    So I bought a spada. I like it and the insurance is only $300. I will admit that after less than a month I would like something a little larger for the 100km/hr parts of my commute.
  16. That is true, that in march when i get my opens i will prolly want a 600cc.

    So i might get a GPX or ZZR then *thinks* few years old maybe. Or maybe go back to my thinking about a Zeal, but then again they prob still a lil too pricy.
  17. Then again...someone's taken the pain on THAT one already...dealer-price would be something in the high-4s/ low5s.
    Jeez...make it too high and everyone is whingeing, make it real-low and the whingeing is the same.... :? :?
  18. IS it wise to upgrade so soon though? maybe i should keep a 250 for at least a yr, in whihc case be worth my while gettin a hyo...

    I'll look into trade in values
  19. Sorry, I wasn't whingeing, I was just looking forward to the point where I hypothetically sold my hypothetical hyo. I knew they would drop value, but I hadn't expected it to be quite that steep.

    $3800 sounds like a great buy on that bike - especially with the k's and the rego. I really want a faired bike though, so that one is off my radar. I can't imagine it will stick around long at that price, unless the anti-korean prejudice is as strong as i have heard :)
  20. Go naked, if you think that you will drop it, you will find the damage on a naked bike will be minimal at low speed.
    Also don't get hooked into thinking you will drop it, that's a myth dropping your bike in the first year.
    Many people go thru years before the first drop etc.