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What 250 bikes to avoid (or what to be wary of)...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ashes, Nov 12, 2004.

  1. Often we get a question like "I'm new and thinking of getting a ....". We then go about giving good/bad reasons for the choice and factors to consider.

    We all know the Across is a great bike and not a bad word to say on them (except maybe Tanya :D )...but how about some experiences and pitfalls from current and former 250 pilots about their first steed.

  2. I'm happy to post comments on my current ride, but I don't have anything to compare to. Oh well, take from this what you will:

    Yamaha XV250 Virago
    Type: Cruiser
    Engine: 4-stroke V-Twin

    Pros: Cruiser styling, simple to ride, bullet-proof motor, cheap to fix, lightweight, reasonable for a taller rider, optional flat handlebars.

    Cons: Gets blown around a bit in winds, limited power with a big rider, limited cornering clearance, no tacho, no storage capacity.

    Overall: Decent learner's bike if you like a cruiser. Probably will want to upgrade it once off your restrictions though.
  3. Have bugger all comparison also

    4 stroke v-twin
    naked bike

    Handles well - very forgiving of my early mistakes, good grunt off the lights, starts easy, stops well, looks great (I thinkso), cheap to run, holds value well.

    Holds value too well for a twofiddy, not a lot of go over 120 ks, a bit windy before I put the screen on it, bugger all under-seat storage, no centrestand for maintenance rear suspension a bit stodgy

    Overall - again, shit all for comparison, but compared to what I have ridden, great 'ride' quality and bulletproof handling, reasonably comfy on a 700 k ride (in one day), pleases mine eye. Would recommned to anyone other than LAM-state dudes, and even then, it's a perfect learner.

    I am struggling with my pre--pre full licence shopping, the VTR has spoiled me in a way as it was such an obvious choice for a 250, but once you go 600cc up the choice is annoyingly wide.