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What 250 bike for me or keep my Mito

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wrxbox, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. I’ve got a Cagiva Mito 125 which I love the look of and its fun to ride but I’m starting to think it wasn’t the best choice of bikes for me to commute to work on. So I’m going to sell it and buy a 4 stroke 250cc (I’m on my L’s).
    So hears another thread on what bike do you think is best for me.
    I ride from Melton to the city each day so about 2/3 highway and 1/3 city riding (50kms each way). I’m after something simular style to the mito but something that is very reliable and not maintenance intensive. Also after something that’s good on fuel, with the Mito I’m getting 20km/Ltr so nothing worse than that would be nice. I'm not after a big top end as I'm happy to do the speed limit (this will also help stop me from going to fast) but I do like fast pick up. I like the GT250R but I didn’t want to spend more than $4000 but $5000 tops.

    Off the track a little - I do like the look of the Sachs Madass 125cc but with a top speed of 90km/hr I don’t think it’s what I’m looking for, especially travelling 100kms a day. http://www.sachsbikes.com.au/

  2. I got a GPX250, very comfy etc, good on fuel.

    For freeway riding though, maybe a ZZR with its bigger fairing might make the ride more pleasurable.
  3. Dude, put a few more $K to your float and do yourself a favor, '06 model VTR250. Looks, handling, economy & a surprising mid to top range. :grin:
  4. first off, appologies for being a lurker here..

    I have a gpx250, and i do 110-140ks per day (work is 55ks away), and 90% of thats highway riding and I ride a lot seeing as I dont own a car. I've had it for 9 months and today its in for its 12,000k service having got it new.

    so far is been excellent, but a little small for my 192cm height. I get 4.1 lts per 100 ks, and have got 10,500 ks from my rear tire, the front is still good. The seat is comfortable enough, but i haven't put the gear shifter in a decent spot yet. the chrome muffler near the stand looks like crap after a while but it cleans up ok. service is kinda annoying at 6000k intervals, and im a mechanical noob so a oil change is my current limit of home servicing.

    these bikes have been the same since they were released - late80s apparently or the reviews i''ve read say, so that should be a good indication of value and build quality.

    hope thats useful
  5. Thanks for the replies. I think I’m going to keep my Mito until I have my full licence and then upgrade to something like a CBR600F or RR. The Mito is such a fun bike to ride and with all the gear changing required I think I’ll learn heaps from riding it, I was mostly worried about maintenance but it’ll only be for a year so I guess I can handle a new piston and rings or two in that time.
  6. I am not going to advise either way on what you should or shouldn't do. i will mention though that as a general rule 2 strokes are meant to be ridden in the higher rev ranges, and from a longevity and maintenance perspective riding in traffic is not where they really belong.

    You bet you will learn a lot working a stroker in traffic. but it will be hard work. As for what 4 stroke... Twins (ZZR,GPX,VTR)give you more punch down low, perfect for in traffic. inline 4s (CBR ZXR Across) gives you the higher revving top end power like the stroker does (So will be more what you are used to).

    A Few weeks back we had a race style launch (Under controlled conditions of course) between an Air cooled V Twin, an Inline Twin and an inline 4 the V had it off the line, the inline twin started pulling away in the mid range then the 4 blew them both to hell when the revs got up
  7. :shock: :shock:

    Hey I do 120kms each day Mt Martha to the city and got a GT250 Comet, naked Hysoung and I love it. IMO go with a naked bike as you are more upright in traffic.

    Yeah IMO a GT250 or a Honda VTR250 would be the go.
  8. What's your fuel economy like?
  9. Are you a woman? You sure change your mind a lot.

  10. I didn't think you were bothered either way :p :p :p

    Oh fuel economy I'm not one of those people who track it but let me think :?

    I filled up on Monday morning and will fill up again on Thursday arvo, so that's about 400kms from 15 litres. So that's about 3-4lts per 100kms. Pretty good considering I like to play! :twisted:
  11. how bout a zxr250 if you want reliable. went up n down to sydney.
    sitting on 12,000rpm most of the way and its still mechanically fine.
  12. WRXBOY, i rode my old mito in traffic a fair bit, as did my brother before me, great practice. then you jump on a 4 stroker and love the torque and actually appreciate it!

    in the whole time that my brother owned the mito it never had a rebuild, cause it just didnt need to have one. sure it might've cleaned it up a little bit, but it ran just fine.

    hope that helps a wee bit

  13. Thanks brendan that's some good info, it's not like I'm going to have the bike for a long time so I may as well wait until I can get a bigger bike. Bot h my Mito's have just have rebuilds so they'll last the time out.