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Wham Bam Thank You Maam - Bathurst 1000

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by glipschitz, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Well, what an ending to the race.

    What an amazing smash!

    I get home from Bendigo at lap 120 and then the smash to pretty much end it all..... simply amazing.... so much $$ in seconds.

    I must say that the camera work has been very very impressive by Channel 10 this year.

    The Pit Lane camera gives a great view, and the use of Jimmy Jibs on the corners makes the visuals so much more realistic!

    Well, looks like the track is slowly being cleaned up... back to the race.

  2. haha yeh that crash was massive... just the way everyone piled up.
  3. While on the topic of car racing I'm currently watching the Japanese F1 race. It's via a standard def. STB. While the Ten coverage of Bathurst was in widescreen, the F1 race is in 4:3 format.

    Also, they do the same with the bikes, when telecast from overseas.

    Why would this be so? I can't imagine the Japs not having the most modern of camera and television equipment...
  4. You are under the impression that the host nation does the telecast :)

    Bernie owns everything F1, the only thing the host country can do is screen to their viewers localy, the same with what 10 does when the Aussie F1 is on.

    We get whatever Bernie gives us :(
  5. I have a normal TV with no plug in set top box foxtel digital thing..

    Everything looks the same to me :)
  6. Well, I thought that the host nation provided the telecast. If we do, why not other countries?

    Thing is, it's the same for the World Supers and MotoGP, as well as any other overseas telecast, say, soccer, baseball, shows like Letterman and Leno, etc.

    The only WS shows seem to be ones that are pre-recorded, like drama, comedy and other similarly produced shows.
  7. i was wanting FORD TO WIN
  8. Yes, love it!! :LOL: :LOL: GO SKAIFEY!

  9. Ok you two just got removed from my christmas card list :shock:
  10. this was my thinking when i first saw it, have re-watched the shot form the chopper, and murphy had plenty of room to the left and wasn't turning..... IMO murphy was in the wrong! But was a great race with some great stacks :)
  11. Got an SMS from a mate within 2 minutes of the Ambrose pit stop;

    "New product from SBR Merchandise next year, Helmet with in built Balaclava" :LOL:

    After hearing Ambrose complaining there was a gentlemans agreement to not use them I had to laugh.

    Fires are rare in motorsport these days but when they happen you don't want to be thinking to yourself "Gee I wish I'd ignored that gentlemans agreement not to wear a balaclava"

    Rules are there to help people from their own stupidity.

    Am I on Netrider here or one of the car forums?????
  12. what a crock of shit. That was murphy's fault

    If i had the energy to argue i'd put down my screamings of yesterday. but for now.

    FORD RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and thats all there is to it.

  13. bwahahahahahahahaa ford fans are like collingwood supporters :LOL: :LOL:

    its ok guys, you're bound to win at least once this decade, live for the moment :D

    :p :p :p :p
  14. why point out which team you support, racing is racing and bathurst wouldn't be bathurst if either ford or holden pulled out, our if they allowed another manufacturer in..... as for the Balaclava crap, thats the rules tuff luck (and i am a ford fan), but if there was a said agreement, (neil crompton also made mention to this agreement)then they may of got the short end of the stick. But a rules a rule.

    Another point, what did people make of L.P. comments about his co-driver to richards "if your co-driver can't keep the car of the wall then it makes it tough". Anyone else think that Dumrell won't be with team perkins next year?
  15. From CAMS.

    V8 Supercars – Race 1:
    The following cars/drivers received a drive-through penalty during the Race:
    Car #23, D’Alberto/Coulthard, driving infringement on car #12;
    Car #1, Ambrose/Luff, breach of Safety Apparel rules; and
    Car #6, Bright/Brabham, driving infringement on car #7.

    An investigation was carried out by the IPO into the incident involving car #1, Marcos Ambrose, and car #51, Greg Murphy, on lap 144.

    The IPO:
    • Considered the incar footage of car #51;
    • Considered the incar footage of car #1;
    • Considered the incar footage of car #10 (immediately following);
    • Recognised it was a difficult part of the track to overtake;
    • Interviewed the driver of car #51;
    • Interviewed the driver of car #1;
    • Considered observers reports;
    • Considered and viewed Channel 10 television coverage;
    • Considered the opinion and advice of the Driving Standards Observer; and
    • Considered the matter on its own merits.

    It was determined that it was not likely to be clearly established that there had been a breach of the rules by either driver. Accordingly, no further action was taken on the incident and the investigation closed.

    An investigation was carried out by the IPO into the incident involving car #5, Greg Ritter, and car #16, Garth Tander, on lap 1.
    The Stewards found that there was no breach of the rules.
  16. I've already got the pop corn out looking at some of the car sites which are already into 10 pages of bitching on this :LOL:
  17. Marty H since you would like me to point out that there are 2 Fords at the top of the List, I will then. and I'm pretty sure it was Loundes' car that was pulling most of the best lap times for 3 days.

    no more now. leonard has to sleep with eyes open.
  18. as i've pointed out to a few ppls recently, if you win every match up to the grand final, then lose the grand final, what does it make you?

    A LOSER :p :p :p

    i mean, who really cares about all the other races? they're just bathurst filler :LOL:

    so it looks like ford have more in common with collingwood than just the supporters eh :p so when are we gunna start having a shot at the unfair umpiring? :LOL: oooohhhhhh so funny :twisted: