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Whadya think?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by turnipcorp, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. I just bought a bike which has a small ding in the petrol tank.

    Some shops are telling me i need to re-paint the whole tank. I am not sure

    I have attached a small piccy...any ideas....will i need to get the whole tank beaten and painted or just the ding popped out and re-touched.

    whats a good price for the work (approx)?


  2. they would have to mix up a certain amount of paint to spray it anyway so painting the whole thing isnt a bad idea and probably wouldnt cost much more if any.

    If your worried about the stickers then don't cause you can always order some for fairly cheap, even get some off ebay.
  3. we would repair that dent,blend the colour and reclear the whole tank,on a job like that we would save the decals
  4. Looks like you've got a couple of options.

    (i) Leave it as is as long as it doesn't leak. Doesn't look great but it's less to get damaged in a drop and makes the bike a wee bit less attractive to thieves. Then again I'm biased as I have a tendency to own bikes that noone wants to brush up against, let alone steal. Not good for resale value.

    You can always slap a bit of primer over the bare steel to slow the corrosion down a bit.

    (ii) Try and source a used tank in the right colour. Possibly similar cost to a pro repair job. Might take a while but you can always resort to (i) while you save up.

    (iii) Respectable amateur repair by the bog and blow over with rattle cans method. Not too exy if you do it yourself and can look surprisingly good. You'll never equal the factory finish though which will hurt resale value. Maybe a prelude to (ii).

    (iv) Pro repair. Done right it should be pretty near undetectable but will it cost less than a used tank?
  5. Cool!...what is the price range on something like that?
  6. about $250-$300
  7. Grab it for that. The dent is probably carving more than twice that out of it's value.
  8. Why dont you sand it and get the rust off... Then fill it up with putty and sand it again till you got a nice clean smooth coat, then get a paint spray done for you at a special paint shop and spray it yourself.

    Less than $50 in total
  9. Got one similar on the VFR, my solution....... spend the $500 they quoted me on a bagster tank cover and tank bag