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whadda ya think?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by adnan12, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. I found this helmet on ebay, i'm ona bugdet and it doesn't look to bad....is 1.5 kg alot for a helmet?

  2. Nice looking helmet ,whats if feel like when it on your head?
  3. you really need to try it on for size. All helmets fit differently. have you been able to try one on in a shop? You should do yourself a favour and go check out all the helmets within your price range and see which one is comfortable. Unfortunately cheap is not always an option. Dont skimp on your lid.. :grin:
  4. thanks for your responses, I don't thinkt the skimping can be avoided atm :(

    Is 1.5 kg lite or heavy? What do the top medls weigh?
  5. Hey adnan12,

    What state are you located in?
  6. Nice looking helmet, good colors and design, but I have to go with the others, does it fit your head properly?

    My biggest thing before I even looked at colors and designs was making sure I found a helmet that suited my head. Which meant getting into a store and putting them round my face. Best thing I've done cos man some of those helmets just aren't made for my head shape. I can only suggest geeting yourself into a store and putting one on to make sure it does feel comfortable on you and if your happy, go for it then.

    thats just my 2c tho :)
  7. I'm sure you could go to a store and find a helmet for < $160 and get them to help you fit it. Specially if you use the netrider discount.
  8. Correct me if im wrong but the standards noted for that helmet
    far exceed the minimum required australian stardards
  9. well it depends... kishy, you read that big speil on helmets and the tests and what they mean?
  10. can you even get a helmet from a shop worth wearing for under 160 bucks ??
  11. i agree with everyone else..

    lots of people when they try helmets on find there are pressure points, the helmet is too short, it doesn't feel right..

    You MUST try a helmet on to get one tht fits you correctly.. there are reasons they're all made differently..

    can't comment on the brand though, never heard of it..

    but bike shops have helmets in that price range anyway :) so it shouldn't be a case of skimping :)
  12. cool ok so they are available .... do they only come in white or matt black at that price ? :LOL:
  13. F*cked if i know :grin: