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Whacky Tacho

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Layto, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Noticed yesterday that the Tacho on my spada was reading way high, like 10,000rpm when it should be reading about 5,500rpm. its deffinatley the tacho, as the bike is riding normally. I have had quick check over the connections, but ran out of time and light to start going over everything or pulling the instruments apart to check if it was internal. Has anyone had this happen before? or any ideas. I'm a car mechanicby trade, so can do the work myself, but have not had much experience with bikes so any advice is most appreciated. Anyone with the wiring diagram for a spada if you could sent it my way that would be sweet too :D

  2. As well as checking the conections as you say your going to, might pay to check the reg/rec voltages , not 100% on the spada but like some cars the tacho's sometimes run off pulses from the alt.

  3. if it's a mechanically driven tacho, then it's probably some damping weights inside, that have gone astray. If it's an electronically driven tacho, then it may be the signal generator.
  4. It can be the reg/rec oversupplying the system, or a usually a loose earth wire at the back of the tacho/source.
  5. It will be the earth to the tacho
  6. Pulled the instruments apart, and traced the wiring around the bike. Yep- dodgy earths. Cleaned them up, and checked over the rest of the wiring. All good now :grin:
    Chers the the advice people.