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We've serviced your Ducati, are you sitting down mate?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by v_quixotic, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Details:

    20000 km service as per Ducati specs:
    Replaced oil and oil filter, air and fue filter, spark plugs, rocker cover gaskets and cam belts, repaced coolant (hang on, isn't my bike air cooled??), brake and clutch fluids, lube and adjust chain, levers, cables and pivot points. Checked battery teminals and levels, checked nuts and bolts, clamps, hoses and fuel lines etc. Checked brakes, bearings, electrics, tyres etc. Adjusted mixtures, idle speeds etc. Test rode

    Removed and replaced clutch plates. Replaced clutch slave cylinder. Test rode.


    Shell Ultra, Brake fluid,

    Oil cartridge, air filter, fuel filter, gaskets, spark plugs, toothed belts, shims clutch slave cylinder.

    Grand total: $1060.90

    I should have asked for a kiss...
  2. Jebus. Hope you got a reach around :? :p
  3. They call that operation a Major Cashectomy. :shock:
  4. Thieves and robbers.
  5. That's the two valve.
    Imagine a four valve...
  6. Ouch! I no longer have an underlying desire to own a Ducati.
    Still ride one... just not own one. ;)
  7. lol a friend spent $1600 on a 6000km service on a Kawasaki ZX12r!!!
  8. if business was slow, how else do you think they would pay the aprentices their weekly wage that worked on the bike?
  9. Good God man! Were you provided with adequate back support while they bent you over?

    They must have done the valve adjustments for it to cost that much right? I've heard that drives up the price but holy cow that's alot.
  10. You should have outsourced it to India, that's what everyone else does!
  11. The duke does only need to be serviced at 10,000k instead of 6,000k though.

    Still ain't cheap though.
  12. bunch of ****s.
  13. Holy cow !!!!Puts me into the lawyers and robbers league then, making $300plus/ hour, same thing on the Strom costs me <80bux in parts and 3 hours of doing it myself...incl. consumables (cuppacinos or alcoholic, doesn't matter.
    And into the bargain, every 10years I can buy a new Strom for nix.
    :? :? :?
  14. did they at least give you a voucher for a free Latte and Starbucks? that's poor... I'd let them know that youre not happy.
  15. I'm a tad confused, like you said, what coolant (if air cooled), the air cooled engines rely heavily on the oil to aid cooling, and oil was already listed.

    20,000 seems a bit soon to replace clutch plates to me (is the bike a wet or dry?) I had to change my toofiddy's at around 20,000 cos the plates were burnt, thickness OK, just glazed over, (crap oil and too many clutch slipping learners I guess)

    So these mega expensive well trained mechanics didn't see a leaking clutch slave cylinder when they were suposedly replacing the clutch fluid and bleeding it??
    They had to road test it first to discover a fault, then replace, rebleed, and re-charge for labour on same, then add another half-hour labour cost for another roadie.......

    Sounds just a tad shonkie.

    Asked for a kiss?? jeeez at those prices I reckon the whole ten yards was paid for.

  16. makes me glad i didn't get the 620lite when i was looking around a few months ago :?
  17. That price is shameful...........but who checks the price of a service when they order their new bike? A mate sold his Triumph in disgust after they had attempted to relieve him of a similar sum for a 'service'.

    You're caught between a rock and a hard place - if you do it yourself you know that it's been done properly, but you don't have the magical stamp in your service book. I worked for BMW for a number of years and can assure you that they (very) rarely do every thing that is required on that particular service. Price is still the same though :roll:
  18. Don't forget he replaced clutch plates and slave cylinder.
    They are not part of a normal service.
    Remove those 2 components and that service would be around the 600-700 mark for a major service.
    Do you people read the whole post or only part of it?
    Also the 750 is water cooled and if I can recall correctly it is a 4 valver.
    Considering he had extra work done on the thing then he paid the correct price.
    I have to ask though 20,000kms and a new clutch?????????
  19. It sounds about right to me...I just had a 60000km service on my 900SS. Clever me was able to get 15% off (which often happens with the dearer marque bikes at this time of year :wink: ).

    60000km service as per Ducati service schedule.
    Replaced all fluids including brake fluid and fork oil.
    Checked and reset mixtures (which I will be having adjusted again as its backfiring still, but will not be charged for).
    Replaced ALL brake pads.
    Replaced all valve shims.
    Replaced belts.

    Total $988 (after discount)

    When I replaced my clutch about 35000kms ago, it cost me about $700 just for those parts....

    So your service sounds reasonable price IF they did everything correctly. My bike is oil cooled (check yours :? ). My mechanic gave me my brake pads (so I could see just how worn they were :shock: ) and all my SHATTERED valve shims :shock: :shock: which gives some comfort knowing that at least they did those things, so fair chance they did the whole list.

    Smee, I replaced my first clutch at 25000kms and it had been moaning and groaning for a while when I eventually had it replaced. Pretty standard
    :D :D :D
  20. This is the main reason I'm not a great fan of modern ducati's... the service costs are very high compared to most other bikes.

    I know that service costs aren't something that most people think about when buying a bike, but seriously people... it _should_ be.

    Ask the dealer what minor and major service costs are for various models before you settle on one make or model :)