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wet weather

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by adnan12, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Damn rain :x .I had to leave my bike out in the rain today, but im going to get a cover tomorrow. Do you think the bike will be OK? I've only just got the bike and a little worried. Maybe i'm just stressing to much :p I cant store it inside, no room....

  2. I think it will melt and disintegrate.

    The only cure is rhinocerous semen, applied thrice hourly fresh from the rhinocerous. Ask Skuffy if you can borrow his rhinocerous.
  3. Loz, you're a pisser!! :LOL:
  4. Wet weather sucks..... I left for work this morning and it looked ok. Didnt have tom to check BOM. Pissing down most of the day and I didnt have any wet weather gear. So had to ride home (25km) in the bloody rain....on the eastern....visiblility was very poor. i wasnt the only one doing 80km/h though so just followed the red lights in front. When the guy in front was slowing down he gave me a few flashes of the lights first, id like to think he could see I was like a drowned cat and was not wanting to make the ride any worse by slamming on the brakes.
    got home and I weighed about 3kg heavier......Hot shower and all is well. So I managed ok for a learner who hates the rain But I must admit, My traction is alot better than I had expected. So made me feel a bit better about the wet weather. Rain gear will be getting left at work just incase.

    Phew what a night
  5. I hope your refering to an animal of sir skuff's and not his apendage :shock: :shock: .
  6. If Skuffy's "appendage" looks like a rhinocerous he should hasten forthwith to the nearest doctor.
  7. Or a p0rn studio :p :LOL:
  8. I will give Loz or Skuffy $10 bucks to collect from the rhino.

    adnan12, covering bikes - I found a cover ended up scratching mine more because of the wind, so put a soft blanket on an immac tank first. I actually leave my bike uncovered now.
  9. I ride everyday to work and my biggest gripe with rain is that since i wear glasses, having an anti-fog clear contact on the visor's useless cuz my glasses fog up!!! Arrghhh! :evil: :evil:

    Then everytime you lift the visor up you get rain on the INSIDE of the visor and it's just hell.

    PS.. With leathers how come I'm dry EVERYWHERE except the bloody crotch area!? Shits me as to how the hell does water get there!! :evil:
  10. From the inside? :LOL: :LOL:
  11. But there's nothing funny about riding in the rain....
  12. Bikes were made to be ridden in all weather. What makes you think the bike will suffer from being parked in the rain?
  13. I love riding in the rain. Only thing I will never attempt again is riding in hail.

  14. Loz, you Skuff and Foxy should be registered as national treasures, and national hazards, both at the same time!! :LOL:

    How dare you volunteer the services of Skuffy's rhino without asking him first......

    Seriously, though, on rain. I have a Nitro 510V helmet, and on Saturday morning in the rain I had water running down the INSIDE of the visor, from the top. Obviously the seal at the top doesn't seal properly. So, short of throwing away the helmet, how do you fix this?
  15. Hmm, stop buying cheapie helmets? Nitro indeed. A brand that differentiates itself purely on price is bound to give you some hiccups.

    Take it to the shop if it's still under warranty. A leaking helmet isn't fit for purpose. Perhaps they can replace the seals...
  16. Can't help myself

    Did you hear about the baby seal that walked into a club?

    {runs for cover}
  17. There's some commonsense stuff about wet weather riding at:


    I seem to remember a good article from Jason about riding in wet weather as well, but I can't seem to find it.

    It requires a little more care and attention but if I've got good wet weather gear then I quite enjoy it...

  18. It's not that bad,
    Think of it as someone throwing wet gravel at you while you are riding past.
  19. did anyone else think that there were more bikes on the ride today then other days... not sure if people heared that there were traffic jams everywhere, and decided to ride in the rain today, but past/rode with so many different bikes i never pass to and from work.....

    on a side note, i almost had a drop at a set of traffic lights :oops: lights turn red well before i get there so i just pull up nice and slowly, come to a stop, wait for lights to turn green so i go to take off, instead of going forwards the bike decided the rear wanted to go sidewards on me :shock: .... put foot down to help steady bike, and a slight drop of the throttle, adjust the bars to steer into the side and back on the gas, and yep she straighted up and of we went again..... so all was good, but i think what had happened was that maybe i pulled up on some oil on the road and in the wet it's just let go. As it's the first time its ever happened, but just a reminder to other newbies, to consider where you stop (in the lane position, when it's wet)

    safe riding guys

    Cheers Sideward Stewy 8) :LOL:
  20. It may not have been the issue with your oops, stewy, but I was always told to ride to the right or left of the lane, because in the middle is where buses, trucks and cars drop oil and stuff, and it will probably be more slippery......