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Wet Weather Suit

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by NinjaKid, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    since its been pouring lotta rain lately, and Ive been looking up bunch of threads and posts about it,
    based on your experience guys what do you think i should grab?
    basically something to keep me dry is all..., honestly i'd rather spend more on a helmet and other stuff if you know what i mean :p

    Pardon my English

  2. Hmm might be touch expensive however I have the BMW Rain Pro 3 suit which is awesome at keeping you dry not much for the cool stakes but I have never been wet inside inside it - the kids call it my banana suit (google you will see)

    Takes about an additional minute to slip on over normal riding gear and although very yellow I kind of like it when riding in the rain it should make me easier to see.

  3. What does the yellow bmw suit cost ?
  4. It was around the $195 mark off the top of my head actually got in online from a shop in Port Macquarie - can not recall right now once hte kids go dwon I will dig up the shop name.

    Actually got it wrong it is a :BMW ProRain 3 suit -
  5. I have this one in yellow and black:
    Rjays Tornado One Piece Suit [9297] - $89.95 : Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket, Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket (MCA) is your one-stop shop for Harley, sports bike, & off road bike parts & accessories. Fast shipping.

    It keeps the rain out pretty well. There are velcro flaps that cover the zippers, especially the big one up the front - make sure that one is covered properly and nothing will creep in. Sometimes if the front velcro flap doesn't cover the zipper properly, the creases you make when sitting on the bike - the material bunches up and can let water leak in.
    Also, it is soooo humid in summer because it literally doesn't breathe. However, in winter it is perfect as an overall thing to wear on top to stop wind getting in. For summer riding I'd probably suggest something that breathes a bit better or even lighter.
  6. If you're on a budget try something like this. (Asphyxiation is normal in the first 30 seconds or so) image.
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  7. Derrrrrrrrrrr!......................... Just get a bigger bag ;)
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  8. which store do ya guys go to, mcas,bikebiz...?, any specific deals or past experience, so far ive only been to the mcas @penrith, never did compare the prices
  9. Usually I go to MCAS, but I bought my wet weather suit from Western Motorcycles because they had a sale on. I bought mine for $78 as opposed to $89.
  10. I have the Dririder Hurricane 2 rain suit, purchased from Sydney City Motorcycles for ~$85. It is made from PVC-coated Nylon so it is waterproof but non-breathable.
  11. I picked up some oilskin pants that I use for both rain and cold. They have full length zips down the outside of both legs with a Velcro overlay. I havnt got wet yet.
  12. On this note I'd really love to find an all in one rain suit including overboots for when you get caught out in the rain commuting etc.
    If I have a spare moment I'll invent a rain onesie and sell it to around a dozen enthusiastic recipients.