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Wet weather slide - and my thanks to Dwayne on a R1200GS

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nous, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Dwayne/Duane on a yellow BMW R1200GS who helped me after I came off the bike last night... Thank you! I gave you a Netrider card afterwards, here's hoping you're checking it out.

    I came off in the rain on a road arrow near Highpoint. Approached the roundabout at below 40km/h, braked, back wheel slid out, bike skidded away. It felt like I was suspended in the air for a while before I finally thunked down on the bitumen. Very Hannah Barbera.

    Thank goodness for 4 drivers and passengers who dragged my bike off the road and checked to see if I was ok.

    Even more thanks to Dwayne who stopped by and put the bike upright (it was still on its side) and freed it of whatever was preventing the steering from turning. Also stayed around with me in the pouring rain and chatted about motards and dirt-biking as we waited for Loz and his brother to come to the rescue.

    Such sweet relief to see my fella when he arrived :) Love ya, honey.

    Not too much damage done on bike. Will have to check out the steering later, need a new rear brake lever, right mirror and right indicator.

    And apart from a sprained and bruised hand and hurty booby and ribbies (landed on chest with right hand under right boob), I think I'm fine. Loz gave me a good once over, the kind concerned man that he was. Spotted a possible bad rib. Reckons the boob's fine :)

    Lessons learnt? Go easy on the brakes in the wet, esp first rain after a dry spell, avoid the paint damnit, protective gear is your friend.

    My one surprise? That even a simple off like that hurts like buggery. And another - that so many stopped by to ask if I was ok. I'm in love with the world again! :D

  2. Glad you are ok. The roads around highpoint aren't the best.
  3. Good to hear you're okay nous.
  4. Good to hear your ok Cheng. If that boob starts hurting, get your self off to the doctors, better be safe then sorry. :LOL: Loz you reading this? At the very first mention of any discomfort, you make sure she goes.

    Roads around Highpoint are the pits. Just as well Im walking distance from there, when stayin @ mum's
  5. Cheng

    Glad you're ok. It always nice to have seomone to talk to when you're down.

    At least you weren't abused at for holding up traffic :)

  6. Cheng!!!! Nooooo!!!


    Glad to read you're ok.

    Hope the strains and pains dissappear soon.

    I think you were the victim of a survival reaction on top of the lack of traction... let Loz bore you silly with the gospel according to TOTW and never never repeat the incident again!!

    Mend quickly.

    p.s. Slap on the back to Dwayne. :)
    p.p.s Slap on the back to Loz in his knight's shining armour. :)

    p.p.p.s Slap on the back to all partners who come to the rescue!
  7. Recurring theme how powerfully persuasive those road arrows are!
    Your bike just wants to obey them to the letter.

    --> ever noticed they are all pointing at the ground? :?

    Glad you're ok.
    Good work Dwayne! reducing perceived BMW snobbery 1 downed-rider at a time :grin:
  8. Cheng,

    So to hear about your off..... but good to hear both you are the bike will see another day... and don't worry now, no one will ride with loz he has all the time in the world to fix bikes :LOL: j/k mate :wink:
  9. Not good to hear Cheng, but so glad you are relatively OK. I'm sure Loz will be giving you a regular physical to keep a check on you :)

    Glad to hear of the good samaratins, it restores your faith in the world doesn't it :grin:
  10. And Cheng if you need a second opinion on the booby i'm always available :) (Woodsy ducks and runs as Loz throws something hard at my head :bolt: )
  11. :eek: didn't know it was you until I saw your name at the end, heh

    Glad you're ok cheng!

    friggin roads were a nightmare during that first down pour, there was soapy foam all over the place and more than once the tram tracks took me for an objecting ride.
  12. Bloody el........glad your Ok Cheng.
    I done that type of slide a few times myself but managed to keep the bike up. but I must have looked like i had a possom in my pants as my legs and arms waved around everywhere trying to keep my balance.

    Good onya Loz, yer a top bloke.
    Testi out the tit bits, and she checks yer boz...what a team
  13. Glad to hear your okay Cheng. Bikes are easy to mend.

    If you're after parts there is a motorcycle wreckers in Nowra who is also dismantling Across'. Heaps cheeper than the Melbourne wreckers and the turn around time from purchasing the item to delivery is really quick.

  14. ....and if you need said parts and dont want to pay hefty COD costs etc. i am more than happy to pick up and post, if it helps at all :)
  15. All these onceover offers (or in Loz's case, more-than-onceover)! :D Why do I even need a doctor? :grin: Just hope that Loz doesn't use a woodsy of his own to thump ya, Woodsy :p

    Doc gave me a good prodding in the chest area today. Basically lots of bruising around the lower ribs, battered booby ("Mmm... battered booby"), tenderised hand. Nothing broken. He said I may be sore for a month, so I can whinge with impunity and professional approval :wink:

    ((hugs)) to you guys and more ((hugs)) for the good samaritans of the world.

    And boooo to slippery roads and inexperience.

    Funny thing is, the spill happened just a few hours after I'd been talking about upgrading. Same as the last crash on oil at a roundabout. I don't think Little Suzie likes upgrade talk very much :shock: or oil.

    Thanks for the parts and post heads-up. Unfortunately already ordered parts from PS. Can we arrange for a 6-pack of clutch and front-brake levers? :) And training wheels.