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Wet weather riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Farab, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Don't know about you lot, but it was and still is a wet one over here for the past six months!! Virtually raining everyday or at least wet roads almost every day. We've had a few nice days here and there, but that's basically negligable. I'm on my bike most days, rain or shine, for commuting and fun.

    Due to riding in the wet for so long, I seem to have lost my "dry riding mojo" for when the roads are dry. When we have a nice day , I still ride as if the roads are wet. I have been riding so much on wet roads, that the riding style seems to have stuck with me. I can't seem to get out of the "wet weather mode" when the roads are dry and enjoy myself.
    I still corner as if its wet, slower, more carefull etc.

    Basically a type of mental block.

    Anyone experience the same, any suggestions???

  2. I dare say you'll get your 'mojo' back. If Austin Powers can do it, anyone can :p
    Besides isn't it better than the other way around .. That'd frighten me more
  3. Yeah, I guess I will. maybe a good day out in the hills will cure it!
  4. I lost my "cornering mojo" for a few days after this year's Icicle Ride - a section of road was extremely slippery (I suspect diesel/oil, as the ambient temp was well above 0*C) 'n it totally destroyed my confidence.

    It'll come back to you... Especially if you revisit roads you know you used to be able to corner at X speed and work your way back up.
  5. its probably better that you're not out of touch with the wet, than out of touch with the dry.

    last i heard/saw the east coast of the south island was in drought? is that not the case anymore?
  6. its obvious what happened mate. while you were cryogenically frozen, Fat Bastard stole your mojo in a big syringe and sold it to Dr Evil. so you have to go and hunt down Dr Evil on his giant space station shaped like a pair of boobs to get it back.


  7. Don't think so. All I know is that there has been / is MORE than enough rain around my neck of the woods. We should bottle it and ship it off to Oz :LOL:

    I can't stop thinking along the lines of Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane...even Texas or Dubai :LOL: :LOL:
  8. It's fairly typical, I reckon. The reason alot of blokes go down the first weeks of good days and the last weeks of good days. They have'nt yet been able to make the transition to the different conditions.
    Don't worry...by the end of summer you'll be ripping it in the dry. :)

  9. I'm having oil/diesel delusions.

    Since moving to Homebush from Dee Why... well .... Parramatta road. What a shite excuse for a stretch of... well I'm reluctant to call it road. I keep getting the feeling that the rear is about to slide out on either uneven surface or something more sinister.

    I'm not happy with my tyres really, either. Metzeller on my Viffer. I had fantastic Bridgestone BT010s on my Cibby 600F. Plus I've got a repair in the rear from a puncture..... My baby's not giving me 100% confidence at the moment.

    New tyres? Yes please...

    All in the mind?