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Wet weather riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by champ007, May 20, 2005.

  1. Just asking for any tips for successful riding in wet weather

  2. Smooooooth is the order of the day.

    Other than that, similar to dry weather riding, only slower. Just try to relax.
  3. yep , dont fall off !!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah seriously , slow down, double your awarness of what the cages are doing around you ( most drive the same wet or dry )

    Allways keep an eye on escape routes, so if said cages do something stupid you can get outa there way.

    im sure everyone can expand on this for yah !

  4. Touch/ride your brakes every once awhile to remove surface rust/water/mud.
  5. Give yourself plenty of distance to pull up. An over zealous squeeze of the front brake in wet weather can lead to a nasty fall, especially that old favourite...the lowside...
  6. your lean angles are reduced by half.

    that is, not just the maximum lean angle you can ever do (eg scraping the pegs), but it means that all your usual corners should be taken at half the maximum lean angle that they usually receive.

    stopping distance is increased by, well, lots. If tailgating is in fashion on wet days, i'd suggest you don't join in; keep a good distance even at low speeds. This will allow you to apply the brakes in a soft, even manner, without losing traction.

    Basically if you want to say safe, ride with patience and expect the worst from every situation, because the usual flash moves to get you out of trouble may not be available to you.
  7. Riding in the wheel tracks from the car in front, the car tyres clear out all the crap and oil on the road.... :D
    Try to keep off painted road surfaces, cos they get slippery when wet. 8)

    thats all i can think of for now....... i hate riding in the rain!!! :evil:
  8. Open our helmet a bit so it doesn't fog

    Car drivers have blinkers on. remember they have reduced visability too. They will do silly things they normally wouldn't

    Pedestrians only concerns is to get out of the rain. They run around with their head down.

    I use the back brake more. The odd lock up there doesn't matter. The front can be embarrassing
  9. Wet lines, black crack patching strips and anything metalic. AVOID

    Hate the rain, but it beats public transport.
  10. and...

    Try as much as possible to do all your braking when the bike is vertical, ie before you lean into a turn (actually this is good advice wet OR dry, but more so when it's wet)
    And the corollary of this is to try and keep the bike as vertical as you can also, as this puts most of your tread on the road.
    Road racers corner in the wet by leaning off the bike as much as they can and keeping the bike as close to upright as possible too, so if they need to do it, we probably do too.
    Agreed that smooth is definitely best, and all the other comments about increased braking distance etc, all apply, in spades (spadas?????)
    One more thing. Never ride down the middle of the lane when it's wet, and, especially, don't brake for traffic lights, stop signs, etc, in the middle of the lane. Buses and trucks and to a lesser extent cars, always have droplets of oil adhering to the underside of the sump. When they brake, these droplets run forward and drop off the sump onto the road, making the braking area leading up to lights diabolical on a bike.
    Safe riding!!!
  11. i was just gonna say.. maybe someone shouold write an article about wet riding.. then i waslike.. i think ive read one before.. and there you go

    have a read of the wet riding article in the "ARTICLES" link dude, and maybe it can be updated to include tips/hints that it doesn't have already?