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Wet weather riding and helmet woes.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. In connection with the thread about a rider's first ride in the rain, I want to raise a related issue.

    I want some bright spark to design a helmet like the one I had when I first started riding. I think it was a Nolan. It had the visor completely inset into the helmet body when it was closed. What I mean by this is that the top edge of the visor was flush with the helmet body when the visor was fully closed. This meant that water couldn't run down the INSIDE of the visor and obscure your vision, like all helmets these days seem to do.

    If enough water gets down there (and it always seems to), then no amount of wiping the outside of the visor makes any difference.

    And if the rain is really heavy, the water from the inside of the visor flings off onto my glasses and makes visibility even worse.

    I've tried sticking some duct tape along the top edge and trying to seal the gap that way but, if you put enough there to do it, it stops the visor from closing completely. I've tried gluing some foam rubber along the inside of the top edge but it only works until the foam becomes saturated (not very long) and then it starts happening again.

    I'd have thought that, in the interest of keeping rain off the inside of the visor AND of aerodynamics, a visor that sits inside a rebate in the helmet all around its perimeter would be as obvious as the (sometimes) obscured nose on the front of my face.

    Or does such a helmet exist already?
  2. Mate I have ridden is some very heavy rain for prolonged distances and my Nolan N102 has never leaked or had water running down the inside of the visor, it's pinlock anti-fog insert works like a charm as well.

    even the n-com bluetooth unit seems water tight, could have sworn it'd be stuffed by now but nope still as good as new.
  3. Well, that is good news because I've just bought an N102 but I haven't ridden in the rain with it yet!!

  4. Try "closed cell" foam, instead of "open cell" which is the average foam you can find anywhere. Look in clark rubber or similar places to find this stuff.
  5. I'll look at that, too. Thanks.
  6. Hmm, I haven't had any trouble with my Shark RSX and BMW SportIntegral helmet for rain; they both have rubber sealing which nicely seals the visor when it's fully closed.

    Edit: +1 to closed-cell rather than open-cell.
  7. Most helmets that I have seen have a rubber seal that will prevent water on the inside, however, if you have the visor cracked just a little bit, like I do when mine fogs up, the water runs down the inside. :(

    I guess some foam would fix that...
  8. +1
  9. My KBC VR-2 has never let water in behind the visor.
    It isn't flush to the helmet but it does have a rubber ridge at the top.
  10. Thanks for the helpful answers, guys. I'll go see Clarky for some foam for my day-to-day helmet. :wink: