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Wet weather/Rain suits

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AngieW, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Hey,
    Is there anyone out there who can recommend an AFFORDABLE one or two piece "rain suit"? Ya know, the plastic-ish things that fold up to nothing but you can wear over your gear? Preferably with a bit of hi-vis on the top half.. I keep googling but the only ones I can find are $200+ to get to your door.

    I've already got dri-rider gear, but today I was in leather/kevlar jeans and it started to pour on me the whole way home.. Just wanna carry something as a backup.
  2. nope.
    you need a good one. because the cheapies melt all over your exhaust.
    i'm lucky. friends who are posties give me free second hand stuff.
  3. Dri-Rider still make over jackets and over pants.

    They used to make them in yellow, but, since I liked yellow, they stopped doing it, and only make 'em in black now. :(

    They fold up pretty small, and the "trick" is to fold them up and keep them in one of those plastic shopping bags you get from the supermarket.

    Then, when caught in the rain, you pop the shopping bag over your foot and boot, and it then slides easily into the rain pants.... ditto for other foot.

    Alternative source of wet weather over gear is yachting/boating shops, and they still do nice colours, but tend to be expensive.
  4. Dri-Rider used to make what was called a "Cyclone Suit". One piece over-suit. Mine was brilliant! I saw "was" because it ...errrrm ... shrunk. Totally not my fault and has nothing to do with all the other shrinking clothes in my wardrobe. :whistle:
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    Oh cool, forgot about searching dri rider stuff. *facepalm* Thankyou :)

    They still have a "hurricane" suit... maybe they just changed the name? :p
  6. Think I may just grab the dri rider one. :)

  7. Thanks, but I've been through all those.. hence why I said I'd googled in my op :)

    Yeah, this is for "dire emergency" days where I've forgotten my gear or it's sunny and randomly starts pouring... I've got the full wet gear kit, I just need something compact that will fit in my bag. Hence why I'll probably just go the dririder over suit thing.
  8. We bought our wet weathers at Peter Steven's in Elizabeth St - not that expensive (I think well under $150 for top & bottoms, from memory) & keeps everything dry in relatively heavy rain; & folds up really tight. I like the 2pce in case we need to make a pit-stop along the way - much easier. lol
  9. Not under $200 but I recommend Aussie Coat Co. biker wet weather gear.
  10. I bought over pants from Peter Stevens. Kept my Kevlar jeans completely dry - better than my cordura pants which leak a little at the seams where pants contact the seat at the tank. If the gear is too light and compact, it will have little strength and will tear easily. Some good tips here though. I assume you have some good gloves to keep the water out too.
  11. I've got the dririder pants and an rjays jacket. They keep me dry for about $120 all up, and go over everything except the gloves, boots and helmet.
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    Yep, got the gloves with the proper wet gear. :)

    Thanks everyone definitely things to look at :)
  13. I use this:
    I used this for almost 2 years, all year round commuting and never any leak. It breathe pretty well too and has mesh lining inside. There was a thread on this forum about the suit. Also the seller is a member here too, forgot his username. He's in Victoria so you can go and try it on for size.
    I think he also sell a more expensive version that can be pack into a really small bag.
  14. Hey, it might not be what you're after. But if it is for emergencies only - then go to your local army disposal or camping store. Buy a plastic poncho for 2 bucks. (Yes you can get them that cheap). Will fit in a back pack very easily and cover most of your body. Like you're saying, if it is for emergencies only then why buy 200 buck pants or suit on the off chance you might use it one day? Just be sure to keep the poncho tight to your body so it doesn't melt all over the exhausts ;)
  15. There is a review of a few suits in Australian Motorcycle News in one of the last couple of issues. I think most of them were under $300 and a couple under $100.

    Staff getting sprayed with firehose to demonstrate the suits.

    See what you think.

    Cheers Spocky

  16. Not sure if serious... or just joking... :alien: