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wet weather pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spongesam, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. it's about taht time of year


    i need some wet weather gear...
    pants in fact...

    i've seen some joe rocket stuff... looks non-bulky but still moveable enough to wear for the day...

    what are your suggestions?

    i'm looking to buy these on wednesday :)

    happy to spend $250... $200 preferrd, but what are your suggestions and experiences?
  2. anyone willing to give me an idea?

    (maybe something to avoid?)
  3. for that price u can pick up pretty good stuff
    where about are u
    just go to alot of bikes place and try them on
    that wauy it will fit and will be happy
  4. I paid $30 for a pair of waterproof pants at the local camping store last week. They roll up into their own pocket so the just go in your jacket pocket or under the seat. Then if it starts raining you just bang em on. Beats paying heaps for a pair of pants that are gonna be pretty hot and sweaty that you wear because it looks like it might rain.
  5. Yep, +1 for overpants... I got mine for about 40 bucks from MCA, they have wide cuff held with velcro which makes it easy to pull them up over your riding boots and they do the job perfectly.
  6. I just brought a pair of wet weather pants that you put over you regular pants, 100% waterproof.
    $30 from peter stevens
  7. cheers for the tips :) much appreciated

    overpants it is!
  8. you should be banned from the forum for discussing the premature end of summer :evil: evil child.

    ..oh and aussie disposals is your friend, $20-25 bucks i think for good quality overpants, pity i lost mine :roll:
  9. you should be banned for not recognising the melbourne weather :p

    but again... thanks once more! $20-$25 is extremely reasonable... :)
  10. I have used various cheaper pants, but they leak, and the cheaper ones don't last. I now use Dririder Hurricane, an overall, over leather.
    However there are some modern waterproof/ breathable materials (with removable liners) used by DriRider/MotoDry/etc pants with armour in your price range. I don't know how they perform in the wet or long term.
  11. I've used a cheap set of Rivet Rain Locks for a couple of years now, they work well and they have lasted heaps longer than the disposals style waterproof pants.

    Not lined, but for the price they are good value.
  12. Ive got a pair of Dri rider overpants that i put on over my draggins if it starts to rain. $40
  13. Moto-Dry over pants, $40 when I bought the bike, and I was the only person NOT sitting in a pool of water when we arrived at Southbank on the BBQ Weekend!!!