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Wet weather pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ryangus, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Well, it seems after less than 12 months, my Dririder pants are no longer waterproof :sour:

    I might take them back today, but not hopeful anything will come of it. I did notice is states on the tag "Never put away folded". How the hell am I meant to keep these in the top case for emergency use?!

    Anyway, any suggestions for a replacement pair?

  2. In my experience, all rain gear goes that way eventually, even the good stuff.
    Tiger Angel kit seems to last longer than most.
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  3. Buy Cheap and throw away when they leak too much. I just use plastic over pants from a camping or boating store.
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  4. I use DriRider over pants.. i keep them in a tail bag with an over jacket as well..
  5. My RJays Vectors have lasted pretty well. I roll them up and put an elastic band around them, then into the top box.
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  6. I have some Scotchgard at home - might give that a try first...
  7. I reproofed my RST winter gear with Atsko silicone water guard. $12 a can from Rays tent city. Its the same mob that makes snoseal wax for boots. More or less the same as scotchgaurd I guess.
  8. My RST Pro Series Ventilator 4 is coming apart at the liner zips and some of the seams, not impressed after only about 6 months of use. I had a wet stomach when I got home the other day in a medium shower for 30 minutes or so. This is supposed to be 4 season gear.
  9. Just go to an outdoors store and buy some silicon water proofing spray. If you want to keep them beathable just spray shins cuff crotch top of thighs, you know wet areas. If you want new wet weather pants go to a outdoors store too. Pair of gortex wet weather overpants 30 bucks. Motorbike gears just so god damn overpriced.
  10. Surely you accidentally left a zero off the end of that?
  11. No he didn't - the price of a product skyrockets the moment you put a picture of a motorcycle on the box.

    I buy most of my non-protective gear (thermals, wet overclothes etc) from camping/disposals stores.
  12. I sh#t you not, all though aways wait for their sales, happen ever other month. But yeah 34.99 I think I payed for my macpac ones. And there all fancy lightweight material packs down to a fist sized ball. Same with jackets, I literally bust out when I heard the prices of gortex liners. Now I just throw out the cheap silly nylon liners and take my 130 dollar katmando gortex jacket. Ps pop the hood on before your helmet. And your practicaly impervious to weather.
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  13. #14 ryangus, Jan 26, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2015
    I'll keep my eye out for sales. Do these have the ability to open the leg cuffs up to get them over your boots?

    I've also thought of getting an extra large Rainbird jacket. I've used my regular size Rainbird underneath my riding jacket, and whilst it kept me completely dry, my riding jacket was very wet.
  14. yeah mine do, most would I think. Ide say grab the regular poly ones their more waterproof then gortex when water hits it fast and direct, doesn't breathe though but then who gets sweaty legs?

    I've thought about the same with an oversized coat. Tried it over my summer jacket but the gortex didn't hold up without something over it to stop the impact of the water. works for an hour or so then the raincoat gets satched, I think the presure then starts pushing it through the membrane. A heavier storm coat might do the trick?

    Least thats my experience, thought ide share.
  15. Light nylon over pants and jackets pack away needing little space and are very light. Just make sure your nylon overpants come right up to your rib cage not just to the waist otherwise water leaks over the top into your gear underneath.
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  16. My BMW Rain suit is 5 years old, rolled up for most of its life and is still fully waterproof in the heaviest rain: even a Queensland downpour.

    Not cheap, but you get what you pay for ;)
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  17. I still use oilskin over pants that I carry in a pannier rolled up. They are easy to to get on over boots and have an adjustable waist.

    Recently I bought a pair of jean styled cordura pants with a removable liner and armour from Bikers Gear in Ferntree Gully. They fit and look like an ordinary pair of jeans so you don't need extra rain pants. Tested only in a light shower at present, working well. Only good in cold or cooler weather.

    Wet weather gear should always be rolled, not folded.