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Wet Weather 'Over Gear' that would fit under seat?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SBOB, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Well..
    im thinking it would be handy to have some wet weather over-clothing that would be compact and fit under the seat on my GS-500(not alot of space)

    Does anyone know of a simple water proof pant/jacket that is able to be slipped over other clothing that is compact???

  2. My plastic R-jays pants certainly fit under the seat, but the matching jacket wouldn't. That said, the water-proof liner for my textile jacket probably would, but knowing my luck I'd get drowned getting it out :LOL:.
  3. Most brands offer one-piece waterproof oversuits for race leathers that should fold up pretty small. No idea how good they are for keeping the rain away though.
  4. I fit my rainbird pants ($20) under the seat next to my ($200) montane cycling shell (excessive I know). and believe me there's no room at all under the hornet seat.
  5. Bike biz in Parramatta sell a waterproof liner that you put over your jacket. It folds small enough to fit in my back pocket. Hope that helps.
  6. Bought a full Ixon wet-weather oversuit that juuuuuuuuuuuust fits under my seat packed into it's bag. But it's very, very good at keeping the rain out, and I got it a size big so it fits over a bag on my back.
  7. I'd suggest a shop that stocks sailing gear. Much of the stuff available is heavy duty and very expensive (Musto, Slam, Ronstan etc), but there's some very reasonably priced lightweight stuff that will roll up and fit under the seat.
    It's designed for long exposure, a good one should have overlaps etc.
  8. Or a disposals. I bought a rain coat that folds into a small bag for hiking around europe. They tend to sell a variety of gear, from heavy weather protection to light and portable.
  9. Rivet wet weather gear - fold it, then roll it tight, secure with a couple of shoe laces, practice makes perfect!
  10. Got a waterproof nylon set from Ray's camping mob.

    $49.95 and it rolls up small enough to fit under the seat of my

    FZR 1000.
  11. i got a rjays tornado suit one piece

    and its pretty big for the underseat

    so im gonna get some andy straps to attach to the pillion seat
  12. I've got a pair of Motodry waxy-nylon overpants to go over my Draggins - they juuuuuuuuuuust squeeze under the VTR250's seat with the factory toolkit. That isn't so much a comment on how bulky they are (they aren't) as a comment on how tiny the minimonster's "storage" is.

    My jacket and boots are waterproof themselves (surprisingly so!), so I only bothered with the overpants. Some waterproof gloves would be nice, though...
  13. i have an Ixon wet-weather suit too, but till now i have no idea how to squeeze the suit into its bag :LOL:
  14. Bought a Fox waterproof over-jacket from the dirt-bike section of PS. It's a clear plastic thingy and it works remarkably well. Squashes up pretty small, but then there's heaps of space under the back of the Trumpy.
  15. Big black garbage bag, looks like wet leather in the rain.