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Wet weather gloves and boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Spudley, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I need suggestions for budget wet gear (gloves and boots) for when I'm commuting.
    I do commute rain hail or shine, so for the boots I would prefer some waterproof covers rather than buying a whole new pair (for price, and so I can have them stashed under the pillion)

    SO.... for my gloves I would like a pair with hard knuckle protection, waterproof, warm, and (hopefully) under $100 or not much over.
    For the boots, as I stated, I'd like something well priced, mainly just to stash under the seat in case it rains and I can get to work with dry feet.
    Oh, and they need to be able to fit over a US14 shoe (Shift Fuel street shoes).

    Open to suggestions, please discuss :)

  2. Hey mate for waterproof stuff i find Gore-tex stuff works amazing but your paying for it too. Gore-tex is usually more pricy than say a* drystar or dainese d-dry(kinda the same thing). The gore-tex is fully waterproof and is lifetime grantee for it or something ans still very breathable.

    For waterproof gloves i got the A* Polar Gore-tex glove, warm but still flows air and waterproof. Boots i have the Dainese Quito.

    I have riden both in storms with all both hands and feet dry.

    End of the day get what you pay for.
  3. Cheers guys! Does anyone use waterproof overboots?
  4. Yep, love my Ixon boot covers. Around $27 and work great
  5. I use these gloves...


    They have seen heavy rain...the outside gets soaking wet so does need drying afterward, however your fingers are dry. It seems to do well between 5-15 degrees...worse when the gloves are soaking wet. Below 5 degrees and you won't feel your fingers within 5 mins of riding...but that can be a positive thing.

    I just like the fact that your hands stay dry after riding in pouring rain for 45mins while the outside is completely wet. Also the rubber grips on the underside work well even when wet and the extra squidgy on the back of the left thumb is great when you get water spray from cars/trucks...back of thumb across visor and it's clean.

    For the price, they seem to do well. If you want extra warmth, nothing can beat a wind breaker with additional heated grips. For more warmth (but might cause sweating) have thermal gloves under...this will however hinder some finger movements due to so many layers.

    Hope that helps in regards to toasty hands.