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Wet Weather Gear??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by biker one, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Hi There all,
    As I'm new to biking I'm yet to buy wet weather gear.
    I would like something cheap and light to wear.
    Can someone suggest something?

    Something that I can keep in the saddlebags, easy to use etc.

    I have a Ixon Sismic Jacket that I use and find it very good.
    It has a wet weather liner that zipes in, but I would rather have a
    lightweight rain gear?

    Thank heaps.
    biker one.
  2. As prosaic as it sounds, I have yet to be able to fault my cheap ($40) R-Jays plastic pants and my slightly dearer ($60) R-Jays wet weather jacket. They got me through four hours of torrential rain from Lakes Entrance into Melbourne a year or so ago, when most of my companions with better gear were pretty bedraggled at the end....
  3. I've got a Dririder suit that came with my bike. It's a full ankle to neck to wrist thing. I've never used it as I can't get it on over my jacket, though.

    How big are you?
  4. heh heh, yes ALWAYS buy wet-weather gear one size bigger than the gear you will most likely be wearing underneath! If possible, try it on (although the shop will probably frown on you getting soaking wet first :LOL:).
  5. As I said, mine came with the bike (second-hand). It fits if I wear my old textile jacket, but I can't get it over the leather one. After wearing leather, I just don't feel as safe in the textile any more...
  6. That's why I don't wear leathers, I'm frightened i'll try some on and then not be able to go back to squidding. And the cost!

    I've got the same stuff as Hornet, but a $20 plastic set of overpants and a yellow bunnings raincoat for around $20. Rolls up into a tidy bundle. Make sure you get good gloves and boots - getting them squelching wet is a pain in the arse and they take ages to clean... and never smell quite right.
  7. +1 from me ... the jacket has elastic in it to stop it flapping around ... 100% waterproof and they are cheap enough to replace if needs be.

  8. I have used a two piece DriRider set for years, its been great. However I got given a Kawasaki set that looks similar and now wear that, has Kawasaki across the back in that illuminated lettering stuff.
  9. I'm thinking of getting a two piece set.
    That way you can take the top off and leave the pants or the pants off and leave the top if you so desire.

    Not keen on the one piece.

    The R-Jays or Dri Rider sounds the go.
    They sound like they are light and the elastic will stop them flapping around.
  10. Biker One ... I think you are right about the two piece idea ... especially in colder weather when you need to take the wind off the old knees.

    What I like about the R-Jays is that they are made out of a rubbery stuff rather than nylon or "brittle" plastic ... so should not fatigue too much in the wind ... although the top part of the zip broke when I first did them up :? ... but it did not matter and they are still quite usable.

    Agreed about going into the shop fully kitted up and trying the stuff on to get the right size ... but you do want it pretty tight and not flapping ... although best not done on a 30+ deg day! :LOL:

  11. My set of R-Jays wet weather gear was completely unsatisfactory; pants started to leak in the crotch almost immediately, and the top started to fall apart shorty afterwards. Then I bought a pair of Ixon pants for roughly the same price but they seem to work better so far, knock on wood and I combine them with a Dri-Rider top, which I have no complaints about. It just seems getting anything from the lower end of the price range is a gamble. one set will work fine, another will leak - just a different batch, or just a matter of dumb luck.

    If you want to spend more and have better quality, look (or ask for) stuff made from Nylon - the cheaper gear is made of PVC. Nylon feels more like a material, PVC feels more like plastic.

    There have been some suggestions you can get better quality and cheaper stuff by looking in places that sell protective work clothes, rather than specialised motorcycling gear. I have not tried it myself because my set up works for now.

    There are one-piece suits on the market as well and they might work better for long rides, but for my mainly commuting duties I prefer separate pants and top - easier to put on and off, and more versatile - this way I can just wear one part if that suits me better for any reason.

    Also, check out the sticky thread above for my comment about Rain-Off overgloves...
  12. I have R-jays overpants and overboots and a standard raincoat (bright yellow) and they stood up well to a wet ride to the snow with a drenching storm at Cooma this year.

    I did have plastic bags tied over my boots (under the overboots) and a cheap pair of plastic pants over the overpants as well, but I got wetter from sweating :LOL: :LOL: but was still dryer than my travelling companions.

    For gloves on long trips I use dirtbike gloves with disposable latex gloves inside............works great and dry out quick as well as keeping ya hands warm and dry and carry my normal gloves in the luggage. Vice a versa when dry.
  13. I have a Dririder Cimate Control jacket with a waterproof inner liner - absolutely useless in bad conditions. The liner sits a little higher than the bottom of the jacket and the rain just washes down onto my shirt. I don't know what other "waterproof" jackets are like, but I'm not a fan of an inner liner where the jacket gets soaked anyway. I've just invested in an Rjays over-jacket which looks the business, though I've not had a chance to use it. I've had cheap waterproof pants in the past, but either ripped them or the velcro strap at the leg has failed. Again, Rjays have a Vector series which looks like the ducks guts. Bring on the weather ...

    As an aside, my only issue with most of the wet weather options is that they're almost always black. Duh ...
  14. It waterproofness is pretty weak. BUT, this is the jacket that I wear all year round, and even in winter I only use the warm layer a handful of times a year all up (yay for fairings). Can't really expect a standard jacket to be perfect at everything (ie best protection in crash, whilst also being great in extreme hot/cold/rain/etc.), so I use the climate control as a base, then add the layer for warmth. For rain I use a $30 BRIGHT FLURO green jumpsuit that I bought from a work wear place.
  15. So how does your jumpsuit compare to dedicated bike gear, and which place was that? $30 bucks is a good deal, that's like a third of what you'd pay for RJays suit which would probably leak in the crotch anyway ...
  16. Yeh I'm looking to have a look at places other than bike shops
    for wet weather gear.
    Someone even told me he bought pants from a golf store that have worked well for him.
  17. I picked up some tiger angel element pants (waterproof and breathable) on sale and rarely wear my draggins now. Got a breathable top from aussie disposals that goes over the top of my jacket and folds up small.
  18. I've ixon pants and they leak, I'm looking for a better nylon pair or 1 piece suit.
  19. I've got a pair of "RJAYS" overpants that keep my Draggins completely dry. Never had a problem with them even in heavy downpoars.

    Over my riding jacket I put on a bright yellow "Wild Country" rain jacket that keeps the light rain at bay but in heavy rain doesn't hold up the best. I'm hopeful of finding a RJAYS (or any brand for that matter) rain jacket that is yellow but no luck yet. Something that'll do the same job as the pants. At the end of the day I prefer to be seen by other motorists in the rain than be dry.
  20. Biker one, what did you end up going with ?