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Wet weather gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by J4YGR4Y, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. hi all, just wondering if i can get any suggestions on wet weather gear, while riding at the moment i have an alpinestars leather jacket, alpine stars gloves everyday shoes and just a pair of normal jeans.

    for the jacket i was thinking an extra large rain coat or something, basically something that will hold up while riding at speed but not constrict me so i could wear my leather jacket underneath

    for the pants, i knew a guy who once had wet/dry pants that went over his normal pants, they seemed to do him well, ill be riding like an hour at least each way so they would have to hold up pretty well,

    shoes, i was wondering what to do in this case, the same guy who used to wear the wet dry pants also had these cool rubber (not durable just waterproof) boots that slipped over his normal everyday shoes, like i stretchy rubber sock really....

    head ??? helmet? is there anything i need to do to my matte helmet regarding the wet

    any stores or suggestions on where to shop would be much appreciated, i live in NSW western suburbs, but i work in the city at the moment, so i can travel if need be

    i thought id hit that old army disposal store in parra 1st, they are meant to be good


    Jay :grin: :)
  2. Have a look at RIVET wet weather gear - Husband has had his for 6 years, not a huge amount of use, but kept him dry all the time. Rolls up pretty tightly so you can store under the seat if you need to, and the pants can be worn over normal gear in Winter to keep the cold wind out!
  3. I spent about $30 bucks on a fluro 2 piece rainsuit from a work wear store - I commute to work and uni(city) no matter the weather (as brother will apparently explode if he has to walk to the bus stop instead of monopolizing the car for a stupidly small distance).

    Its somewhat thin and does a pretty good job of keeping the water out for my purposes (typically 1 hour rides each way).

    For when its just spitting/not raining but might need it for the trip home I just leave it unzipped up and have it as a cape flying behind me :) Worth getting a fluro one, you NEED to be seen when visibility is low - I'm glad of the extra visibility in traffic.
  4. thanks guys, ill check out rivet. i know theres a store that sells council & work wear so ill see what they have too,

    any other suggestions welcome!

    :grin: :grin:
  5. yeah, do what my husband does - gets his wife to drive him to work and pick him up so the Bird doesn't get wet - it's worked since January... :roll:
  6. SnoSeal. Available from the online store over there <---------

    I treated my leather pants with it and they remained waterproof for 12 months.

    Love the stuff
  7. ive heard wearing leather in the wet makes it softer thus protecting less, is that true?
  8. There would be a lot of collapsed cows in winter if that was the case :rofl:
  9. There are lots of supposedly waterproof thin plastic overjackets an overpants (or one piece suits) meant to be worn over your regular riding gear. DriRider, RJays and Motodry all make them, in fact most riding gear manufacturers have something like that in their line-up. They usually cost from 50 to 100 (and slightly up for the better brands).

    It can be a bit of a lottery though. Some will be good, others will leak somewhere - usually in the crotch.

    As for shoes, a pair of plastic overboots can be bought in gardening section of K-Mart and the like. The same goes for gloves. If you like to get better quality, purpose-made gear is available from bike shops. 'Rain-off' overgloves made in New Zealand and now distributed here by Andy Strapz are very good.
  10. I tend to use a cordura jacket and thin (Rivet) nylon overpants during rain.

    I found one piece waterproof suits to be a pain, and heavier waterproof pants uncomfortable (hence the draggins and overpants).

    If it is raining then it's probably cold as well and leather jackets aren't very warm as a rule.
  11. mine softened quite considerably around the arms when i got caught in a thunderstorm
  12. aldi might have some of their rain suits left.
  13. hey

    just thought id update you all on my decision, i ended going to MCA's in parra and getting:

    jacket: Rjays overcoat, $50 red/black for visibility and has tight wrists to stop water gong in (elastic)

    pants: Rjays black over pants, loose bottoms (no elastic) $25

    shoes: overboots, a thin piece of rubber to protect my shoes from the rain $20

    gloves: ?? nothing as yet, looks like its wet gloves

    over all im happy, $94 for some good wet weather gear! stuff that may/may not last years but will do the job on the odd occasions its really raining.

    i tried all my gear on with my alpinestars jacket underneath and a bakpack to see if it worked, and i must say it was tight (jacket wise) but more to the point HOT! gee was it hot, and that was inside... so we'll see how it goes in the future, thanks to everyone for all your help, i almost went a full bodysuit but ended up getting separates due to the fact its easier to get on/off and i won't look silly on the street changing!

    Cheers Jay :grin: :grin:
  14. andy strapz has waterproof overgloves