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Wet Weather Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by conspiracytheorist, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. My (and probably others) first wet season of riding is beginning. So its time to get some gear to stop getting soaked when I have to go to uni in the rain.

    Just need something that I can slip on over my jacket and jeans, but not sure where to get this kind of stuff. Where did you guys get yours?


  2. You can view a Dainese jump-suit thingy, I think it's a dark maroon at Action Motorcycles in Parramatta.
    It's just an oversuit thing for your gear... I'm thinking about some wet weather stuff too now :grin:
  3. i dont use one for my top as my leather jacket does the job, but for my pants i bought a pair of motoline pants that do the job. cheap too only $20 and they have served me well. ive had em for 3 years now and the roll up to near nothing. i always keep em under my seat.
  4. Where did you get them though?
  5. i have an RJAYS two piece oversuit (basically a waterproof shell). Picked it up from MCAS. Good stuff, kept me nice and dry this week. Was around $60 or $80 from memory.

    You can also get some rubber overboots to keep your feet/boots dry... Apparently MCAS sells them, i havn't had a chance to get down there and look.
  6. i got mine from the motorbike retailer. the local bike shop. he had heaps of different ones in there if i remember, all different quality.
  7. One piece suits can be a bit tricky to get on!
    And even harder to get off!

    But they seal better.
  8. jared, if you want something that will protect from the wet AND the cold, you cant go past the dririder nordic pants and jacket. 150 for the pants, 300 for the jacket. dont you have a removable waterproof liner on your jacket mate?
  9. this is what i wore today in the lovely deluge :) :

    yellow rainjacket

    yellow rain pant (with those reflector strips around the ankle)

    *can buy the above from those workwear places

    dririder jacket



    mc boots

    snug as a bug in a rug.

    well, hands did get wet eventually but everything else was dry.

  10. My fiance's ol man got me yellow pants from the mines, it sucks how all the wet weather gear in the shops are dark colours hey. Ya think they would make ya stand out. Id be taking twainharte advice though. Prob cheaper aswell.
  11. I have to admit that i'm also a fan of the bright yellow raincoats. Visibility = safety if you ask me.
  12. Jarred the plastic overpants are on special at action in the city for $20, the overjacket is $35. I think they are dryrider.

    I need to use some silicon ibn the inner legs of my pants because the let a tiny bit of water come through and I got soaked balls today. LOL. I think mine are getting damage because I put them on while wearing the boots (on the street, quick change)

  13. Nothin worse then soaked ballz :sick:
  14. Rays Outdoors :wink:
  15. 1. RJays plastic pants, $40.

    2. Rjays plastic jacket (get at least one size bigger than your normal stuff) $60.
  16. Picked up a no-namer (AFAIK) all-over one piece at my local bike shop for $40. That + winter gloves keeps me warm for at least a couple of hours in the rain. Thankfully in Vic it rarely rains for any longer than that in a single sitting - but it can get bitterly cold on a wet winter morning.

    Shop around, you should find something. Most bike shops would have something hanging around now it's coming into winter. Just remember, none of them keep you dry forever, and the first place to get wet is typically your crotch. :p
  17. Yeh I do have the liner for my jacket, but something over the top would be good too.

    Thanks for the info Will, I'll go buy them on thursday.
  18. [​IMG]

    Yes but they save your skin!!!
  19. Good option... will probably save you a few $$$ too!
  20. this was my first week commuting in the rain and i survived well unless it rains on the way home and have learnt heaps i went to action in parramatta and had a look at the $20 overpants but unless your a giant or own a krispy kreme you probabaly wont have much luck sizes started at the X-XXXL mark so i went across the road to bikebiz and picked up a pair of Dririder overpants $40 that and my alpinestars leather jacket is all i have been using which apart from my dripping wet shoes is a pretty good combination