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Wet Weather Gear

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Bought my wet weather gear yesterday.
    RJays full over suit.
    Good quality, double stiched seams that are then glued with some type of rubber compound for no leakage. Zips and velco flaps for waterproofing
    Got it from New World Honda, Berwick
    See Sam, gave the suit to me for $100
    Matches the CB250, red and black
    Gone are the days of getting soaked on the way to work...:LOL:

  2. I'm off for som decent gear today, tired of the company supplied stuff, becomes crotchless after 1 ride. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Yey! it's amazing how much more comfortable you are if you stay dry.

    I just use a pair of motodry "overpants" with my already waterproof armoured jacket. Works well, but can get to be a sauna if the sun comes out.

    Gotta get some decent winter gloves tho.
    Anyone got any recommendations for mid priced wet/cold weather pinky protectors??

  4. I have a pair of Joe Rocket Hard Drive gloves were about 90 bucks and are waterproof (read water proof membrane.) Though they do not have a thermal liner. If it gets cold I have a set of dririder gauntlets with thermal liner and waterproof membrane
  5. Forgot to mention, that wet suit comes with waterproof over mittens, so if gets really wet can slide over normal riding gloves. Also packs down into a bum-bag, so easy to put in the boot of an Across...:LOL:...still too big to put in the CB250 boot.

    Jafu (Dave) - know what you mean about the work provided stuff becoming crotchless. Stepped over bike first time and big rip, I did the Manpower impersonation and ripped the pants off in the front garden at 5:30 in the morning. Rode to work miserable and wet.
  6. [quote="Scumbag] I have a pair of Joe Rocket Hard Drive gloves were about 90 bucks and are waterproof (read water proof membrane.) Though they do not have a thermal liner.[/quote]

    Might try them out, I was thinking of getting a pair of draggin jeans kevlar gloves for summer riding and the workshop (great for doing work around hot bits of engines) They'll be good to use as a liner in winter. (bout $35 bucks)

  7. That's interesting. I was in the local bike shop the other day buying a pair of gloves to replace the lost one (at PI SBK), and I asked about overmitts. The fellow hadn't seen any.

    Can you buy these overmitts separately? I've yet to find a pair of gloves that have any waterproofing that works. Also, most winter gloves that I've had are like straightjackets for hands. The $90 pair of Rivet "air" gloves that I bought for the ride home from PI had my hands cramping by the time I got to Anderson.

    My normal riding gloves are C&R Sport summer gloves, which are light, fit well, and can be used on cooler days without discomfort. If I can get a pair of overmitts/gloves for them that will act as a windbreak on colder days, then I could dispense with the heavier duty gloves.

    I have a Motodry over-jacket that I wear over my Spidi mesh jacket when it cools down or rains. It, and a jumper worn under the Spidi keep me pretty warm, and more comfortable than wearing my DriRider jacket, which is really a WetRider jacket, these days...
  8. For a really cheap pair of over gloves you could always try rubber gloves from the supermarket. They even have ribbed fingers for grip. I have seen people wearing them a bit on longer trips. They are fully waterproof, come in sizes large enough to get normal summer gloves underneath. They also are windproof. so will help with the cold breeze. Cheap though do not have a closure at the wrist.
  9. I could just imagine rocking up on a coffee/ride day with these....

    They're probably an optional beemer accessory
    :LOL: :LOL:

  10. What do you mean accessory...don't they come as standard...:LOL:
  11. I checked, didn't come with mine!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: