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Wet weather gear.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by UserInterface, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. So I rode into work this morning in a flash flood. I was only going from waterloo to the city and I am drenched.

    My summer jacket held up fine with the zip on liner underneath but I am soaked from the waist down. I bought some rjays waterproof rain pants but they have a tear in the crutch even though this was the second time that I have warn them and in this little hole came more water then i would have imagined possible. My boots (just plain steel cap boots) are full of water as I was basically riding through a river for most of it.

    So now I need to get new gear that I can stay dry in but I can't really afford it so was wondering where the best line between cheap and actually working is.
    Also how do all ye commuters carry around your gear? I have been shoving the pants and liner into a little tank bag and carrying that everyday just in case.
  2. I use this rainsuit for 1 year+ commuting all year round and it still working fine. A bit expensive but it work and is durable. I think there's also a version that can be packed into a small roll if you don't have much space, but it's more expensive. Also the inside is lined with mesh so it doesn't stick to your jacket and pants. I keep mine in my tail bag.


    For boots I use the Icon Reign boots. Work great, 1 year + and does not leak and can fit easily under jeans.

  3. Plastic over pants and jacket. If you're a skinny arse (unlike me) you can pick them up from a camping store cheapish. Roll up to a small bundle and chuck a rubber band around.

    I buy mine from Bikers Gear Australia bc they have large sizes.

    My Tiger Angel textiles keep the rain out, but they were custom made and exxy. Also have a BGA textile jacket that seems ok, but the plastics seem best for those emergency rainstorms, and it'd have to be a pretty good forecast for me not to be carrying them 'just in case'.
  4. +1 to the camping/disposals store idea. a big pair of waterproof over pants. they won't breath but they should keep the rain out.
  5. +1 to RS Taichi rain suit. It's been a year since I bought my set and it hasn't let me down. I commute daily rain, hail or shine ~100km/day round trip. I have found last month during one of the down pours that if a pool of water forms between the tank/seat/crotch area, it does get damp. The dampness wasn't bad or caused any discomfort although that could mean if a pool of water forms, it might seep through the seams.

    Added bonus with the rain suit, works bloody well to block out the wind!
  6. Getting air through to me is a big thing for me.. I am always hot. Even riding in today in poring rain with only the lightest jacket I could buy and I was sweating because I could not breath through the inner liner. I was looking at Gore-Tex for this reason as supposedly you can breath through it and it is 100% water proof. I just don't want to spend $200 unless I know that it is not going to fall apart like these one have already.
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    Does anyone know where in Sydney I can go look at the RS Taichi rain suit?
    I would like to go have a look at how they are made but sounds like this might be the way to go. Do you guys put it on over everything (Jacket\Pants etc)?
    Also what about gloves? My hands are purple from waring the cheap leather gloves that I bought and they were the worst part, they were soaked instantly and were damn cold.
  8. I wear it over my leather jacket and jeans. It is breathable so you won't be sweating while wearing it. I don't know who supply it in Sydney but a few members on here have the suit and so far there are no negative feedbacks regarding the quality. Also I don't think there are Gore-tex motorcycle rain suit, there are Gore-tex textile jackets and pants, but those are really expensive.

    For gloves i wear the Icon Patrol. Keep you pretty warm in winter and is waterproof. It's not as breathable as Gore-tex but it's also not as expensive, I think Gore-tex gloves are usually $200. I wear it in summer when it rain too and I do sweat a bit, but it hardly rain in summer anyway.

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  10. re gloves, get some silk glove liners, about $15 a pair from MCAS. They help keep your hands warm when the gloves get wet.
  11. Just bought a roadcrafter lite from aerostich.
    First few rides are, dry inside, warm inside, and in and out of the suit in the advertised ten seconds or less.
    Bit pricey, but I am sick and tired of buying shit gear again and again, and walking in to work looking like I have wet my pants.
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  13. should add that for boots get waterproof touring boots. they are cheaper than sport boots.
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    I think that I will go the RS Taichi DryMaster Motorcycle Rain Suit but wanted to check the size over all my gear. I have horrible experience buying any kind of clothing over the internet and don't want to waste money especially when it needs to fit well to keep out rain.. Does this have inside pockets in the jacket? I had the problem this morning that my pockets are on the outside of the liner so had to leave phone\smokes etc in my pants and this could be what tore my pants.
    I will also defiantly check out the ICON Reign Waterproof Boots as they are a good price and I could get away with wearing them at work if needed.
    Gloves I can survive with mine for now but think that I need a longer wrist to keep the water out so will get them last but will look at the silk liners in the mean time as MCAS is just around the corner from me.
    I swear gear will end up costing the same as my bike :p
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    Contact motorcycleracegear in regard to sizing for the RS Taichi rain suit and any other informations. He's a member on Netrider also, maybe he'll let you exchange the suit if it doesn't fit, you probably need to pay for the shipping though.

    I'm 74kg 174m tall and I wear a size L with leather jacket and jeans underneath. The fit is good except the forearm is a bit narrow. My jeans is pretty baggy so putting on the pants take a bit of time, but once everything is on it fits good. There are 1 inside pocket that has a verticle zipper opening right next to the main zipper on the left hand side. You can just leave stuffs in your leather jacket if you need more storage space since that won't get wet.

    About the Icon Reign, it's a sport boots so there is a slight tilt forward which can be uncomfortable when walking around for some people. I personally don't have a problem walking in it, but I don't walk around much in it either. A touring boots would be more upright and comfortable to walk around in, something like this:
    I can't say how good it is as I don't have it, but the reviews on that site say that it's a good boots.
  16. For pants I've found MotoDry overpants to be quite good. As for gloves, get a pair of over gloves (not mittens - I found them annoying). You can get over boots as well.

    But it's worth remembering that nothing you can buy and wear comfortably on the bike is going to be 100% waterproof.