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Wet weather gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by lautray, May 29, 2010.

  1. Done a bit of a search but couldn't find what I was after. With all the rain in Sydney at the moment, the bike has been tucked away because I don't have any wet weather gear. So have been doing a bit of research into waterproof clothing & have came across these one-piece suits: http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=9297 & http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=8336. Has anyone had experiences with these, or similar products? Is one better than the other? Obviously would have my protective leathers underneath, but am after waterproofness as the overriding consideration. I'll be commuting every day in all weather so function takes precedence over form. I think these pack away quite small too, so should be easy to store.

    Also, what about overboots to help stop water entering your riding boots? Are they worth it?

    Thoughts/experiences appreciated.

  2. I use the MotoDry storm suit, which is similar to the RJays one you posted. The suits that zip to the side are usually better, because water is channeled to the side instead of down to the crotch area where it will inevitably leak.

    Waterproof-ness: 10/10 - I've used it in heavy downpours (one which was slated as the biggest storm Melbourne had seen in almost 100 years) with no issues.

    Comfort while riding: 8/10 - The seat area feels a bit slippery and weird at first. You get used to it. It also gets very warm with leathers on underneath.

    Ease of Putting on/Taking off: 5/10 - It's a pain getting them on with an armoured leather jacket. Since Melbourne seems to be getting more rain, I'm leaning towards an all-weather textile jacket/outfit.

  3. Dririder has a nice storm suit that i use, $100RRP i think.
    I also have separate wet weather pants and jacket which i use more as a wind breaker when its cold from dririder, cant remember what they cost.

    The pants have an advantage over the suit, they have an additional flap at the ankle so you can tuck the pant inside your boot and then strap the other part down over your boot so the rain doesnt get it, and then the wind cant drive the rain into your boot either.

    Only other thing i need is some head to shoulders cover so my neck and face dont drown. Ive got an rjays neck warmer for when its cold - recommend them ;), but as for water... havent found anything i like there short of wearing a hooded raincoat.

    For me, that goes over the top of my work gear, my dririder climate control pro jacket, and my draggin cargos.
  4. pop into Northside Motorbikes - $40 i think for a full rain suit, yellow or camo. (Artarmon - Pacific Hwy)
  5. Cheers. I assume that with these rain suits they have a long leg that won't ride up when you sit on the seat? That's the problem I had when I tried to use a normal raincoat... when I sat on the seat it came up about 4-6 inches, exposing bottom of my jeans & boot ](*,)
  6. I always tuck my under pants into the boot, and these are long suits so they are designed generally for 6'3 guys or whatever. they'll suit well. come in on monday and they'll fix you up
  7. i use a textile jacket, has waterproof lining (removable) that i use as windbreaker - like Mr Messy.
    I have some rjay water proof pants $80 easy to slip on over the draggins and boots, have zip and velcro around boot area, really good, great windbreaker also ;)
    the suits are good, if they are small enough to fit under your seat, my jacket liner can, my pants - no way
  8. Thanks man, great find. I think the large may be a bit big for me though... not the biggest build around. I'd probably be aiming for a small or medium at best. I'm only 5'8" & ~60kg. Might have to give Northside a ring tomorrow.
  9. I have the RST 1 piece rain suit that fits nicely over my leathers and is long enough to cover the tops of my boots. Also handy for winter riding to keep the wind out.

    Also have RJays textiles with waterproof liners - I've ridden through storms in them and been dry at the end. Great for winter and a bit easier to put on / take off too.
  10. Indeed. The seam on my rain pants failed in a somewhat catastrophic manner thismorning, leading to everyones favorite situation - arriving at work looking as if you've pissed yourself.

    Consequently, I'm now after some new pants. Anyone care to suggest some that will allow me to arrive at work with dry bollocks?
  11. Lol. What brand were yours?
  12. Rjays. Considering the importance of waterproofing I probably should have splurged a little more the first time around. But hey, what can you do.
  13. YES!


    I came to work this morning - 41 k's (the entire trip was HEAVY rain) and I arrived at work TOTALLY dry!

    BUY BUY BUY! (I got them from MCA's in Auburn 2 weeks ago - THANK GOD! Just before all this stupid weather!)
  14. FWIW:
    I wear an RJays Aquashield jacket with them - it's a few years old.

    Some "Motodry" boots

    And some waterproof gloves - unsure of brand (they are downstairs on bike)
  15. I didn't think you had bollocks :p
  16. And I never said I had any :)

    Just said it'd keep you dry.
  17. Well played.
  18. I have a MotoDry overjacket. Wraps up nicely in the tailbag, as does the MotoDry pants.

    Rode home from Mansfield pissing down all the way, last year. Dry as a bone when I got home.

    Only letdown were my gloves (DriRider) which were anything but Dri, and my AGV helmet. At times Niagra Falls was coming down INSIDE the visor...
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  19. And going where? That must have been unplesant.