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wet weather gear that works. Is there any?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by harley05, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Gday, got no car just bikes so when it rains I get wet. Have yet to find w/w gear that doesnt leak. Got Dririder (not ) Aspen jacket which leaks and Rjays RST pants which leak. Both replaced under warranty cause they leak, new ones leak. Both supposed to be 100% waterproof. Help. Im starting to go mouldy lol

  2. I have a cheap $60 RJays wet-weather jacket and a cheap $40 pair of RJays plastic pants and I stay dry. Longest wet ride was from Melbourne to Orbost (y)
  3. I've always had good results from the cheapo yellow plastic gear you can get in workwear shops. I'm a fat bastard but even I have no problem getting a jacket and pants that will go on over my DriRider Rallycross and leather or kevlar jeans.

    Cheap, lasts a couple of years, rolls up reasonably small and easy to slip on over proper gear. You have to be a bit careful with the pants with flys and pocket access holes to ensure that the apertures aren't exposed when sitting on your bike, or you can duct tape them shut permanently, but otherwise I've found them to be pretty much 100% effective in even the heaviest downpours.

    Now, if I can just find some gloves and boots that really work at a price I'm prepared to pay I'll be all set :D.
  4. Thanks Paul, I have the Aspen and RSt because they have protection padding, wear all day for long trips,( do about 40,000km a year) and are supposed to be waterproof so I dont have to stop and change when it buckets, like yesterday in Brissie , stuck in storm with golfsize hailstones. Also have Rjays complete one piece w/w which always manages to leak in the crutch. woooo
  5. See if you can have a look through the ARR website they did some tests maybe a year or two back and were happy to name and shame the ones that did not work.

    If you end up finding the edition that its in but no online content I'm sure I still have it
  6. i have a spyle touring jacket ($100 from $400 at Frasers 1 day sale :) ) which keeps me dry and +1 for those crappy yellow workgear pants...they work!

    feet get wet tho..
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  8. Tiger Angel Guardian jacket that I wear year round in all sorts of weather. Jacket alone keeps out most everything that gets thrown at me. During winter, or severe downpours, zip in the goretex liner and nothing gets through.

    RJays Vector pants that are wind and waterproof and also breathable. Never get wet on the inside, either from condensation or leakage. Best investment.
  9. Thanks for the input guys. I bit the bullet yesterday and bought a set of plastic/rubber backed jacket and pants set to wear over my other gear. Hopefully theyll do the trick. Now, bring on the rain and lets see how the little tackers perform. While I save up for the Tiger Angel gear which sounds great. Thanks again