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Wet Weather Gear Recommendations...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by easyspider, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    We recently sold our second car and are now a one car, two bike family. It's been pelting down rain in Brissy lately and pour hubby has been getting a little wet riding the 40km/way to work. I take the car and stay perfectly dry. So after all that, basically what I'm after is some good, great wet weather gear advice. We are hitting the bike shops to have a look at stuff today. Hubby is keen on the Dririder "Hurricane" suit (a most stylish one piece number) and the "Nordic" boots maybe? Any opinions??

    Nic :D
  2. I used to use a hurricane 1 piece. They work pretty well actually... although if it's warm I used to get bloody sweaty and that's why I stopped using one.

    I suppose if you don't need to talk to the general public and don't mind having BO it's an option :LOL:
  3. The gear you suggest sounds ok. I dont know much about the nordic boots, I do have a hurricane suit and find it great when it is either wet or cold. I have only used mine a few times so I dont know how long it would last. I keep mine more as an "folded under the seat emergency type suit". It is however no good if it is wet and warm as the suit does not breathe it can get pretty uncomfortable. It can be like wrapping yourself in glad wrap. Mine is a few sizes too big so I can get it on easily. When it is cold it wors well in keeping me warm no matter if it is wet or not as it doesnt breathe it insulates me well. My personal vote would be the hurricane suit is best as a back up, dont know how it would go with continual or long term use.

    Hope the info helps.
  4. Questions
    1. How often in a year is it going to be raining when he has to ride to work?
    2. Will he have to carry the wwg with him all the time in case it DOES rain?
    3. What does he wear normally on the bike when it ISN'T raining?

    You don't want to spend lots of money on wwg for twice a year useage
    You don't want wwg that he's going to have to spend extra money on for storage to carry with him all the time
    If his normal riding gear is already shower-proof, then he might manage with just a cheap pull-over jacket and pants that he can stash under the seat.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies. Hubby currently has a liner for his jacket and cheap pull over pants. They aren't doing the job at all. While we don't get heaps of rain up here, we do get lots of summer storms. As the bike is his primary transport now, we don't mind shelling out a bit of money to get the right gear that will keep him happy and dry. It poured rain on his way to work yesterday and the pour excuse for wet weather gear he had didn't hold up at all. He got drenched and had to sit in wet pants until the end of his shift (luckily he had a changed of undies :p ). So yeah, guess we will just go and have a looksie today. Being in QLD will have to keep in mind the the "Hurricane" suit gets a bit steamy.

    Thanks again,
    Nic :D