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Wet Weather Gear over leathers.........

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MelbourneMick, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Yup as the title suggests I am after some advice for wet weather gear that will go over leathers.

    I wear ATGATT. thats just me. But i am doing an overnight ride to Gippsland area next month and was thinking of what would be suitable wet weather gear to take in the case of getting caught out in some shitty weather.

    are there quality light weight pants/ jacket that won't take up much luggage space?

    any types to stay away from?
    should i just save my $$$ and hope to buggery my leathers dry out before the next day?

    advice and witty banter welcome
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    Bunnings poncho? :bolt:
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    i was thinking a Batman cape actually
  4. ^ Not that....

    I've got the rainbird stow-away stuff.....it's good for an hour or so in the rain as an over-layer - not as good as the RST touring gear of course.

    pants and jacket
  5. I put hi vis waterproof work wear over my gear. Works fine. You just look really bulky.

    They do take up a lot of bag space tho but do fit.
  6. spanking out some nice fashion on the track there BitSar! are they comfortable o0ver leathers though?
  7. what is the comfort level like?
  8. Single layer waterproof gear over leather works really well for me, as long as it's not hot and wet at the same time. I use a Fox MX overjacket and hiking pants.
  9. 0 complaints.

    Mind you, have yet to do it in hot weather (ride with my rain gear on, that is)

    My only criticism is how bulky it is, but that could easily be fixed with smaller jacket.
  10. Ha!

    Comfort is fine....the stuff is so light-weight and stowable you barely know its on as an over-layer.......

    I don't ware leathers so I can't comment on that one...
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    I'm actually quite interested to know too.

    My Rev'It! Sand jacket and pants were awesome. Wore them in the rain all day when I did my 1-on-1 at stay upright and wasn't even damp inside.

    But the lowside burnt / ripped big holes on the knee area, and a couple of tiny holes on the chest. Looking to replace them with leathers, so I'm keen to know everyone's experience with rain gears over leathers :)

    I heard frogg toggs are good. But you might have to import them.
  12. Just had a look at some og these online. how do they hold up in constant rain? are they fairly durable?
    mind you if the weather turns to complete bollocks i would be looking to pull over somewhere safe anyway
  13. If you're going to wear them for long periods (eg touring) go to somewhere like aussie disposals and see if you can get something breathable. one of the goretex knock offs.
  14. My 2 cents...
    I wear leather top and bottom every day and wear RST pants and a RST jacket over the top. The pants have never leaked. The only down side is the jacket doesn't breathe and it can get pretty steamy on the inside. I've always worn the same pants and have tried A* and Dririder jackets but both of those leaked badly. So that's why I went back to the non-breathing RST. I ride over an hour each way and last week's rain was the worst I ever rode through and I was dry as a bone on the inside.

    Toes and hands were another story tho...
  15. Supercrap auto have a set, comprising of jacket, pants, booties, and gloves, all for about $50 from memory.
    I only use the jacket, pants, and they have worked well so far.
    They also come with a zipper bag to keep them stowed in, which makes it easy to leave in the bag on the back of the bike.
    One benefit they have, is, reflective strips, which obviously can help to be seen whilst riding in the rain....
  16. the aldi ones i bought a year or two back hold the wet off!! and as above you do feel steamy, but if moving thru cool stuff that may be bearable.. keeping thehands dry see if you can get a pair of latex gloves to wear under your normal gloves, keeps hands dry at least. Toes, fark they'll get wet n cold, poo poo happens! unless you slip on some plastic sho,,ping bags in between 2 pairs of socks!! and it keeps you feet warm, sweaty and dry, but from what I heard, stink to high heaven!! :)
  17. could be a goer as i am only after something 'in case of emergency' as I am not a everydat commuter

    Lazy Libran posted a pretty poor review of the Aldi gear recently
  18. Raj's ones were this years stock tho Mick, mines about 2 years old, not a prob with mine.