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Wet Weather Gear for BNE

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BiX, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. OK well as its currently raining and i chickened out on riding to work today, what do people do for wet weather gear in qld (BNE). I assume we don't use it as much as say melbourne. Currently only have a rjays mesh jacket (plus light weight gloves, and draggins and boots), can put the liner in, but the jacket still gets wet and takes time to dry. I will be buying a leather jacket for winter. But what are my opitons, and whats good for having in the bike, so when we get the arvo storms, i can keep dry?

  2. I've got a 2 piece dryrider suit that's a single layer of water proof material (plastic?) with taped seams. the jacket has a mesh liner that helps keep a little air circulating, but as it's black, if it's warm, you get pretty steamed up in them.

    Can't remember what they're called...
  3. First ride in rain, with gear.

    I had:
    * Dririder Climate Control, with rain liner.
    * Motordry rain pants over my Joe Rocket jeans.

    Wasn't uncomfortable at all... My tshirt had a bit of a wet collar when I got in, as I neglected to do up the collar button. That aside, came in dry. Don't like the grip on my boots on wet road, though. I had to be careful not to slip.
  4. I like these rain-proof suits you put over the regular riding gear. One piece ones cost around 100 bucks, give or take a few, or you can get two separate pieces (which is what I have) for around the same cost. It is just a waterproof sheet of material basically, so it is easy to roll up and carry in a backpack, or a little bum bag, or it might fit in the storage space under the seat. If it starts to rain, just slip it on...
  5. BNE? I thought you meant Break 'N' Enter. oops
  6. I've got a DriRider DriMesh (the one before the Climate Control), mesh gloves, and some pull over MotoDry pants. I've riden in the rain more than a few times, have never really gotten wet.

    The jacket does get a little bit damp, but it's only damp on the outside so I don't really care, plus it dries out really quickly once you're riding (if it's dry). As long as it isn't too hot, it doesn't get uncomfortable. The pants are a bit hard to put on over boots, and if you stop in the rain to put them on you don't really want to take your boots off and stand in water... But otherwise, no problems at all.
  7. Get yourself a one piece rain suit. Best bang for bucks. One piece because they are less likely to leak.

    If you ever move to a colder region they are great for winter - even if it aint raining - they keep the wind out better than anything else on the market.

    Best of all, they fit under the seat of some bikes if you pack them tight enough.