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Wet tracks vs rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Jul 13, 2007.

  1. There I was minding my own business all of a sudden these tram tracks jumped out of nowhere and wet themselves.. :LOL:

    Sorry all, it's another rider down thread. :cry:
    I feel like a right idiot because of it too.

    I lost it along the tram tracks on the corner of High St and St Kilda Rd last night. I was on my way to get some toothpaste so I decided to go for ride instead of cross the road to the convenience store.

    I was travelling up Queens Rd then turned left onto High St in St Kilda. I filtered through the traffic and just as I got to the front, the lights go green and I accelerated briskly. As I did, I ended up between the tracks and wanted to stay away from them. So what did I do?
    I fixated on 'not' crossing the track in a parallel kinda way by doing just that.
    I can't remember if the front gave way or the rear but I ended up sliding maybe 15metres down High St. It felt longer but could have been a lot shorter.
    Was scared as hell, seeing the bike sliding down the road sparks going off and thinking the car behind me is going to run over the top of me.

    My 250 Ninja is stuffed. It wont start and was bleeding some of castrols finest when I left it at friends apartment block.

    Special thanks to the scooter rider and Merc driver for showing their concern and helping me out. Also thanks to A* leather jacket and Dragging jeans for saving my skin, as well as Motorola for when the Dragging jeans disapeared. Part of my phone was grounded away.

    Well I manage to get toothpaste when I got back, from across the road.
    So depressed! :(
  2. sorry to hear about the off 250ninjas.
    There should be a law against tram tracks jumping out and wetting themselves. :mad:
  3. mate that bad luck, they certainly are slippery your not the first and certainly won't be their last victim.... glad to hear you came out of it ok...doesn't sound like the bike faired as well though :(
  4. sorry to hear... DAMM TRAMS!!! :evil:

    not starting is comon after a bike has been on it's side, probally just flooded... but the leaking oil that a different prob..

    better get me a motor-rolla :LOL:
  5. Bad luck, mate! Tram lines are a bastard in the wet, even in the cage.

    At least you're ok. :cool: Here's hoping the bike is as well. It doesn't sound good, though!

    It serves as a timely reminder to look where you want to go! Fixating on an obstacle will only ensure that you hit it. It is a lesson I've learned the hard way (albeit, on pushies, thankfully).
  6. Damn, that's a hell of a price to pay for a tube of toothpaste.
    Hope the bike's an easy fix.
  7. 250ninjas,

    Tram tracks have claimed a few recently. I am pleased to hear that you are ok. Good luck with the bike.

    Such is the cost of good dental hygiene!

  8. Thanks.
    Now I am exremely paranoid with with every type of road surface.
    I just got a GSXR and I'm scared as hell around tracks.
    Worried it might happen again.
    Also worried about painted lines.
    And those cats eye relfectors. I seem to be tensing up everytime I need to go over them. :(
  9. Sorry to hear about your off. The tracks on Commercial road got me 12 months ago. I now use Dandy road.
    Enjoy your new ride.
    Stay upright.