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Wet through and dropped my bike. Should have stayed in bed.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. I get to the client this morning...my boots are soaked, my crotch is wet(and yes, I had wet weather gear on but apparently in Australia that doesn't mean anything...Anyway, I park the bike but don't get the stand
    out completely... the bike topples and I try to steady it. But my wet boots can't find any grip on the slippery floor. Bike lands on its side. I struggle to get it back up again...assess the damage...luckily only the gear lever is bent...

    End of the day, back in the garage. All suited up. Bag on the Ventura rack. Bike in neutral. Press ignition...NOTHING! &%$#@$! What did I bugger up when the bike fell... OK, time for a running start. Push the bike to the far end of the garage. Put it in 2nd. Start pushing it, getting to a decent speed. Hop on, release clutch, give some throttle...nothing! I do
    this about 3 times... By this time I'm gasping for air...

    A colleague and fellow biker comes down. First he offers a hand to push.
    I decline noticing his nice suite. He then suggests that maybe some water got into the tank. So switch to reserve. Nothing.

    He then looks at my kill switch...flicks it on...bike starts.... :oops:

    I look at him and say, "If this ever gets out, you're a dead man!" :LOL:
  2. LOL. That story is gold. :rofl:
  3. What a duffer :wink:

    Have to say that with your signature quote, the wet boots and crotch take on a whole different theme :p
  4. im liking the rain for the moment.. i bought wet weather gear a few months ago and have not had a chance to try it out yet..

    so wearing it in this weekend
  5. I got a good workout though... :LOL:
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: gold story,
    my motodry jacket works well in the wet, a little less water resistant in summer around the arms with the removable lining out, but usually i am dry around the torso, motodry pants work great also and i can fit other pants under them unlike draggins type pants
  7. We've all fallen for the old kill-switch trick at least once, you're in good company.

    Over the years I've come to distrust gear that claims to be waterproof. These days I wear whatever gear I want when it's wet and a $60 RJays plastic jacket and a $60 RJays pair of plastic pants over it. Current record is 4 hours in the driving rain from Lake's Entrance to Kew and not a drop got past it. I carry the jacket in the pack if I think the trip is going to involve rian, and the pants are rolled up and stashed under the seat all the time.
  8. Yep i can relate to the kill switch not being 'off'. I was at Uni, at the end of the day i put the key in, checked in neutral everything and no start :oops: I didnt know what it was for a few minutes, bout to ring my brother then i looked over at the BIG RED switch on the handlebars.. Doh!! lol.
  9. wat gear did you have? does it claim to be waterproof, or water resistant?
    maybe dont tuck the pants in, and water wont run into your boots? :p

    i have boots with a gore-tex liner. this is waterproof. the day my feet get wet is the day i will take the boots back, claiming they dont do what theyre advertised to do.

    again with my gear, im the same as hornet. good old plastics. theyre waterproof, coz u sweat like a pig if its warm. they dont breathe in or out. but hey it means im 100% dry when i get to my destination.

    its funny, coz people who driver get wetter, they have to run from the car to a building in the rain, i just walk in my waterproofs :cool:

    sorry to hear about the bike! i always kick out, and have a look if if feels like the stand isnt out as far as it should be. i always try and make sure, if im gonna damage my bike, i do it spectacularly :LOL:
  10. :LOL:
    happened to me once (both the killswitch & stationary drop).
    now my first instinct will be to check the kill-switch when bike wont start.
  11. you sir (miss?), are funny...

    i doubt i'm alone on the point that commuting in the rain in heavy traffic with stuff all visibility, fighting fogging visors, less grip, longer brake distances, cars who can't see you etc etc is NOT fun..

    my gear is still drying from yesterday and i doubt that amount of water does any good for your helmet...

    that said, i guess its good experience and i still enjoyed splitting past about 400 cars
  12. +1

  13. my jacket is waterproof and i just have the $60 ixon plastic pants.. fit over my hornee jeans pefrectly.

    where im at in sydney it isnt raining hard more just a drizzle.. so i guess if it was pissing down cats and dogs i wouldnt like it so much.
  14. Ditto to that. I've had all sorts of fancy wet weather gear that is useless when it starts to do anything more than spit.

    I've got some plastic overpants and over jacket. I look like a complete peanut but never got wet.

    Now truly waterproof boots, still searching for those :mad:
  15. I can relate with the kill switch, but mine was a different scenario: I was riding to work, happily minding my own business, when I notice someone pulling out from a drive way about to cut me off, I flash my "pass" light and hit the horn while covering the brakes, this gets their attention and they stop. Being on my right side I use my right arm to give them a "What the F#ck" shrug but then the bike dies? After being on the side of the road for 5 mins thinking what had broken, i realised that when I put my hand back on the bars I had bumped the kill switch. :roll:

    On the other side of this thread, I LOVE my $25 RJays rain pants, going to get the matching jacket soon too. I have probably spent 15+ hours in HEAVY HEAVY rain, some stints as long as 2 hours, not one drop got through.
  16. :LOL: What a bugger of a day ! ! !

    Another similar story . . . Was on my L's In a deserted carpark miles from anywhere, practicing for the P's test on my trusty Kwakka.
    Took a break then got back on the bike to head home. She started, put her into gear, release the clutch & she cuts out. Ok, i've stalled. restarted, release the clutch (REAL slow this time . . .) same thing! WTF!? Tried again, cuts out.
    hmmmm . . . kwakka's under warranty so no major drama, better phone for a lift home - no signal on the mobile! Was thinking about a long walk when i gave it another try. This time i remembered to kick the side stand up :roll:

  17. +1 for the Rjays rain jacked bought one last week works brilliantly

    wish there was a solution for my helmet getting soaked and water ending up on the INSide of the visor
  18. Hmm... on both my helmets it's never been a problem, even in torrential downpour.

    Sounds like the visor isn't sealing against the rubber seal properly?
  19. 2nd day of having my R6 just finished my P's, pop a wheelie off from the lights by accident (uphill), somehow bang the killswitch as it comes back down, bike dies, i think omfg i've wrecked it. took me 2mins on the side of the road to click :) I looked like an epic noob :oops:
  20. Years ago I almost killed a mate of mine, who just got his first bike, an XT 250 Yammy. I had an old shit box mini, and I challenged him to a race back to his farm from fire training. Little did he know that I had pulled the plug lead off the spark plug. Not completely, but until I knew it wasn't on the plug. Anyway, I left him at the track kicking away furiously as I drove off. I was back at his place and waited for half an hour before he eventually rode in. You ever tried running away from an utterly exhausted XT250 rider while your laughing your arse off! :LOL: