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Wet roads & inattentive cagers strike again

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by NothingExpert, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Had an appointment after work last night, so I didn't leave Spring Hill until after six. Stopped for petrol at Herston then found my way back to Kelvin Grove Road. As I was heading over the hill near the maccas after Newmarket Road, I indicate to change from left lane to centre lane, check my blind spot and then move to change lanes (preparing early to head north instead of west along Samford Road). At this point a Land Cruiser/Land Rover/Ridiculously large SUV that has probably never even seen a dirt road changes into the lane, indicating as it changes lanes and very nearly side swipes me. I move back to my lane to find the car in front of me braking to turn into the maccas/servo car entrance and have a helluva oh shit! moment.

    The first thing that goes through my mind is don't jerk the brakes or you are going down. So I slowly apply braking, but don't pull the clutch in as I feel like the loss of drive on the rear will load up the front (I don't know if this is true but I always feel less stable coasting with the clutch in). My mind doesn't work quickly enough to downshift considering I'm tired and wet and stressed. Then the rear starts to fishtail and my ring starts fluttering as I can picture a lowside/slide into the vehicle ahead. Luckily I manage to keep upright until the vehicle finally turns into the car park, retain my grip on the road, drop a couple of gears and keep moving while the SUVtard has sped off ahead and changed into my lane, doing over the limit in the wet.

    Did I mention I hate SUVs...?
  2. Good save - well done keeping composed.

    An everyday occurrence - learn from it....
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    glad you're ok mate, they should make {large} suv owners do extra licencing test/requirements
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  4. Why
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    Cause a vast majority of the owner/drivers cant drive them safely or park them properly and I am glad he's ok
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  6. Thanks for the kind words guys. To top it off I had a guy tailgate me through roadworks with gravel on the road and nowhere to pull off just before I got home. It was pissing rain at that stage, dunno why he was in such a hurry. Took his number plate and thought about reporting him.
  7. Does that mean that the people can't operate their small cars, motorcycles, taxis, buses and trucks will need to have a extra test. I have been on the road almost every day over the last thirty odd years and I can assure you that careless driving is not monopolised by any one style of transport.
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  8. If you are really 'on the brakes' you are not coasting.

    Set up, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze, tap tap tap (through the gears) .... swerve ....
  9. been on the road for thirty odd years myself, as for small cars I've never had a problem with them , taxis well I can honestly say that over the same period nothings changed, the majority of them still drive like they just bought their licence and the road belongs to them as they trawl the highways and byways for the next job.
    Over the last ten years especially, the increase in idiots with large suv's that will never see the bush and whose sole purpose is to transfer kids from one area to the next in supposed safety just allows the morons at the wheel of these vehicles to drive how they please. Normally that's however they want.
    Lets be honest they buy them cause they believe them to be safer so when they do fcuk up and roll through a red light, stop sign etc its like its cool im alright the "truck" will kill anything in my way.
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  10. This could have been an incident where under-braking was the cause of an accident, had you collided with the vehicle in front.

    Might be time to practice your braking some more and learn what it is your bike is doing physically under braking and acceleration.

    in a straight line loading up the front wheel is not a problem... what could become a problem is:
    a ) locking the rear wheel (to much rear brake) which you did
    b ) not pulling up in time (not enough front brake) which you almost did out of fear of locking the front wheel.

  11. Actually, it was wet, so there is a problem with loading up the front wheel too quickly. I can tell you that from experience. I was on the Virago. It doesn't have the same contact patch as a larger bike and therefore more likely to lock the wheel when the surface is slippery and braking is applied too quickly.

    I did not say at any point that I applied rear braking.

    What saved me was my reaction gap and not panicking when the rear lost grip.
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  12. Glad to hear you kept your cool and saw your way through it.

    I had an accident this morning in the cage - dickhead next to me decides to change lanes, directly into the side of my car. F**k.

    At least I wasn't on the bike - but I wouldn't have sat there if I was!
  13. My friend bought a SUV and I asked him why - he said "bigger is better". He bought a Mazda CX-5 brand new, imagine the kick ass sports car you could buy with that money, plus he is the only in it 90% of the time.

    I hate SUVs and everyone is falling for the advertising. "I buy this car because I will always have the chance to go off road - even though I never will".

    I agree how SUV drivers cannot drive them. All I see are 5ft tall soccer mums driving them around and doing a 100 point turn to reverse into a park at the shopping centre when it would of been 100 times easier to front in!

    fcuk I HATE SUVS fcuk fcuk fcuk.

    Anyway, glad you are okay and it is disappointing that fcukin' fcuks don't know how to indicate.

    P.S. Sorry for the rant in your thread, I thought it was relevant.
  14. A CX5 is about the same size as a Corolla, hardly much of an SUV. A Hummer, now that's an SUV.
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  15. A Camry wagon has a bigger interior than the Jeep Cherokee
  16. A mini - cooper has the same wheel base as a Land Rover. No sh!t.
  17. Not in a Mazda CX 5 you're not - especially not if you've got the front wheel drive version.

    +1 Agreed that SUVs are the fcuking scourge of the road......I faaarking hate them as much as the next bloke.

    What makes me laugh though is the fact the you can buy 2 wheel drive and front wheel drive SUVs - it's all about the arrogance factor , the "imposing" road position.......SUVs are for mindless breeding idiots....

    ::end rant
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  18. I'm sad to say my wife actually drives a CX-5. With twins she "wanted the extra carrying space" that a Mazda 3 didn't offer. I don't really think it fits into the traditional SUV category like a Patrol or Land Cruiser does, but there is no real other category for them.
  19. I thought the Mazda 3 was a pretty big car.
  20. The wife has a Pathfinder. Never brought it to go off road, although it has. The only reason for buying it was to drag the horse float. While I'll agree that most of the SUV set seem to be trophy wife's transporting the demon spawn about town. Not everyone buys a SUV with an off roading intention. There are other reasons.