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wet leathers and a couple questions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by philmydang, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Once a week I have to make a 70km commute to work and without fail it has rained each time. I currently don't have a rain jacket and have just been using my leathers - which has proved to be cold, wet and stupid.

    My questions are;
    1. Is this wet riding damaging my leathers (to the point where it may compromise my protection?)

    2. I've been thinking about purchasing a motorcycle specific rain jacket, however the thought of just purchasing a larger high vis rain jacket to be worn over the leathers did cross my mind. Would save abit of $$. Does anyone have any opinions for or against this option?
  2. 1. - Yes, wet leather swells and is easier to tear. It can also crack when it dries out unless you get some oil back into it.

    2. - Nothing wrong with using a waterproof jacket over leathers. Waterproof synthetic bike jackets only have the advantage of better protection against the cold - though most of them still leak or soak through in heavy rain anyway.
  3. hmm I've just been air drying my jacket and it doesn't appear to be cracked. Would this be visible, or should i just oil it anyway?
  4. My road leathers have seen the rain numerous times. I find after the rain they tend to fit better ;)

    While they aren't the best to be using in the rain, as long as you get some leather conditioner/oil into them every now and then you should be right (this should be done anyway)

    However for $80, get yourself a storm suit to throw over the top, they are worth their weight in gold!
  5. It's not going to crack after the first time it gets wet, especially if it's just been exposed to light rain. But get it really soaked often enough and it will most definitely crack up when it dries.

    Regular cleaning/conditioning is a good idea if you want your leathers to last. Properly maintained they should last longer than you.
  6. Cows tend not to dissolve, rot or shrink in the rain so you should be OK. jd's correct in theory but, as long as you keep the leather conditioned you'll not have any problems.

    It's what I've been doing for years. Cheapo yellow plastic waterproofs from a workwear shop roll up smallish, don't leak and improve your conspicuity in the damp gloom. If you want a bit of extra insulation, you can shell out a biot more cash and get something better. Only disadvantage is that they're an extra layer/item to muck about with/carry/store, but then, if you're not into carting around a lot of inconvenient shit, maybe you should rethink riding a motorcycle :wink:.
  7. I've been caught in the rain in my leather jacket a few times and there is no sign of cracking. Once every 3-6 months (whenever I can be bothered really) I just rub a small amount of oil into it.

    If it's raining when I go out for a ride I wear this DriRider branded (I think) jacket and pants - very thin but tough plastic like material that seems to be 100% water proof and wind proof. It goes on straight over my leather jacket and what ever pants I happen to be wearing at the time. It only cost $45 from AMX on Keilor Park Drive and so far it's been worth every cent.
  8. But that's only because they're self-conditioning.
    A dead cow in the rain is very different :p
  9. :rofl:

  10. See #6. With PatB 100%.

    I want to dry-clean my leathers. Has anybody done this? Did it work? What were they like when they came back?